Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I've fallen of the face of the social media world....

So here's the thing.....

.....Brady went into the MTC on October 3rd. Crazy it's been two weeks already. I've just been so busy i haven't had time to put up the awesome pictures from that day...., work, and other things have taken up all my time.....

......I'm going on a mission! Yes, I'm going on a mission. It'll be about two more weeks before I can get my papers submitted....but i'm still busy filling them out and getting ready.... for now, I don't really know what i'm doing with my life besides that fact that i'm going to be leaving for eighteen months.....

.....that's enough for now. More details later.....or not...maybe....just depends on things.....and on if I can motivate myself to post things.....

.....I'm going on a mission! That is more than just peachy enough to keep me happy for an incredibly long i'm all good.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Here Comes Goodbye

We made each other promise not to listen to this song for so long. Mainly because we knew it would come, and didn't want to be sad. It's a song we both love yet we both hate at the same time. Today I will give my last hug to Brady for two years. Tomorrow I'l watch him walk into the MTC and give two years of his life to the Lord. I couldn't be happier. But the reality of saying goodbye is here comes goodbye. I love you Brady, see you in two!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Better to Look Up

Things haven't been the greatest lately. I got in a car accident on Saturday (which also happened to be my fault), I had to give my car to my dad (because I totaled his car in the accident), and then I haven't had a huge amount of motivation this week (even though I have to study for my mid-term coming up). It just hasn't been peachy, and Brady leaves in six days. I just haven't felt like myself this week.

But then on Tuesday, my best friend came down to Provo and convinced me to go donate blood with her. We laughed and talked about everything. It was just like old times. (No, literally it was. We used to donate blood together all the time) Her boy is also on a mission, and so it was really nice to have someone who knows how I feel right now. But anyways, after she left, I just felt so much better. I felt like things were so much better, and I knew I could keep going. She reminded me of the important things and helped me forget things that don't matter.

Then on Wednesday while I was waiting for one of my classes to start, I texted Brady and he asked me how my day was. After I told him, he texted back with just a whole bunch of sweet things. It's like he just knew that I needed it and he just helped me see the positive things about my day instead of the negative ones. Which also included Brady coming down and taking me to dinner. Hooray for Wednesday date night!

So after having a hard time seeing the good in things this week, I was reminded of one of my favorite talks from the October 2011 conference. Elder Carl B. Cook tells the story of how he felt so overwhelmed after his first week of being a general authority. He talks about how he was standing in an elevator leaving the church office building and someone asked him what he was looking at? He recognized the voice as President Monson, when he replied that he was looking at nothing, President Monson said while pointing upwardly "It is better to look up!"

It just reminded me to look up and keep my eyes on the most important things. I can't change what happened last Saturday. I can't change the fact that I don't have a car this week. I can't change that i'm overwhelmed and can't handle it all. But I can look up. And I know that when we do look up, and we keep the eternal perspective in mind, things are so much better. I know that it's these times when I feel like this, that I just need to look up and ask my Father in Heaven for a little help. And it's when I do that, I know things get better. I know that when we let Christ into our lives he can heal our broken, hurting hearts. And I'm grateful for that knowledge.

So here's my goal for the next little while....look up! Stop focusing on the bad things that have been happening lately, focus on the good. I'm so blessed and I'm so grateful for all of the amazing things in my life. I have an amazing best friend, I have an amazing boyfriend, I have an amazing family (who are the most supportive family in the world!), and I have an amazing Father in Heaven who is looking out for me and is always there for me. I'm just going to focus on the good for now....well i'm going to try at least. That is more than just peachy.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Lucky One

I probably could watch this movie a million times over and over again. I love this movie so much. So much that I read the book before it came out in theaters (good story, but I like the movie better), so much that I went and saw the midnight premiere showing of it and managed to drink a very large soda and eat ridiculous amounts of crazy good popcorn (i'm a little crazy about movie theater popcorn), so much that I dragged my boyfriend to go see it with me after I had already seen it (he's a good boyfriend, he didn't even put up a fight), so much that I bought this movie the week it came out (and then proceeded to also download the ultraviolet version onto my computer so I can watch it at all times). I also have the majority of the soundtrack on my computer downloaded. I think i'm a little obsessed. But all in all, I just love The Lucky One. That is more than just peachy for now.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Music I Can't Stop Playing Lately

Music has been so bittersweet for me lately. Some songs make me so happy and remind me of Brady, while other songs make me so sad, I start to break down. It's so hard to listen to such a happy love song, but it doesn't make you feel that way. We've had a few evenings where we both end up sad while listening to our favorite songs in the car together........what am I going to do after he's gone when I can barely stand to listen to stuff and he hasn't even left ye? But either way, I love music no matter what. Sometimes, you need some sad music. Sometimes, you need so crazy music. Most of the time I just need to listen to music. So here's what's been playing over and over again for me lately:

I love this girl. She opened at a Peter Breinholt concert I went to two weeks ago, and she's a amazing. Her name is Ellee Duke and she's really talented.

A Little More Like Thee by Mindy Gledhill. I have this one on a church mix that I gave to Brady and it has become one of our favorite songs to listen to.

Hunter Hayes just says it perfectly in this one. Another favorite of mine and Brady's. It's nice to have a boy sing this to you and for him to mean it.

Feels Like Today by Rascal Flatts. Of course I put a Rascal song on here. haha! I probably could put a million of their songs on here. I know it's an older song, but I love it so much. It always puts me in a good mood. Also, I've been listening to Secret Smile of theirs. But not listening to Here Comes Goodbye. I've told myself I'm not allowed to listen to that one.

I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons.
Trouble by Coldplay.
She's So Mean by Matchbox Twenty. I'm so loving their new album.
Home by Phillip Phillips.
It's Time by Imagine Dragons.
Blood by The Middle East.
Anna Sun by Walk The Moon
Stolen by Dashboard Confessional.

Here's a new one that I literally just discovered and I love already! I love Tyrone Wells, I can't believe that I missed this song of his!

And finally, here's one song that I couldn't handle listening to the other day, but I so love this song. Ron Pope writes the perfect love songs. He's amazing. I love this one of his.

Music always has the power to make my terrible day amazing. It really has helped me have More Than Just Peachy moments multiple times and it's helped me created many memories. I love it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why I Love Fall

1) Boots. I love boots. Fall means it's officially time to pull them out of the closet and start wearing them again. Even better, it means it's time to buy new ones. haha! I won't be buying any right now since college is expensive  but I do have my eye set of some fabulous brown boots at Steve Madden.
2) Sweaters. The majority of outfits I wear consist of a sweater. But with the temperature cooling down, it now means that I can wear more long sleeved sweaters which I love. I love curling up in soft fabric. It's so comfortable. I can't wait til I get to pull out my coats too! Alright, pretty much I love everything about fall fashion. It's my season for sure.
3) Pumpkin Bread. Anyone ever had Kneader's? I love it.
4) Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in the shape of pumpkins. Chocolate marshmallows in the shape of pumpkins. Any candy in the shape of a pumpkin is just instantly amazing.
5) Apple cider and hot chocolate. I love warm drinks. Literally, I curl up in blankets, sweaters, and watch my favorite movies while sipping on hot chocolate.
6) Soup. Okay, i didn't intend for all of these to be about food. That was an accident. haha! But I love soup so much! When I was growing up, my mom made homemade soup all the time. We would come home and she would have soup on the stove. It was so amazing. I love eating soup and the warmth it spreads throughout my soul. Lately, I've been making soup and freezing it so I can have it whenever I want.
7) Leaves falling on the ground. I love the sound of a crunchy leaf being stepped on. So I step on a lot of leaves. I also love throwing them and getting in fights with leaves. I also love the colors of the trees and how they change. Living in Utah means that we look at a lot of mountains. It's so beautiful to see how the landscapes change during the fall.
8) BYU football season. You know it's fall when the games start. I love going to the games. My family has had season tickets for awhile now and it's always a blast to go!
9) Halloween. It's just a fun holiday.
10) It leads to winter. Which I also love. And the holidays. Which I love even more.

One reason why I don't like fall this year:
1) Brady leaves for his mission. Time is flying by. He leaves in three weeks exactly. I feel like he just barely got his call. But I know that he is doing the right thing by going on a mission. And after this year, when fall comes again in 2013, I will love it again, because he will have been gone a year, and it'll mean he'll be home in just one more year. I know he's just going to be an amazing missionary. That is what is more than just peachy lately. And we get to do lots of fun stuff one last time before he leaves. I have lots of things to post about, just waiting on pictures. We're going to have some adventures this weekend too! I can't wait.

Fall is kinda my season. I pretty much love everything about it. Every sudden gust of wind, every leaf that falls off a tree, and every cup of hot chocolate i'm going to drink, makes me happy. That is more than just peachy.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sometimes I'm Dumb

Bob Harper scares me. But as he says "You love me! Say I love you Bob! Then it will be easier!" 
Sometimes, you do stupid things and buy a Biggest Loser workout dvd. All because you need to get  back in shape, and thought it was a good place to start. Sometimes, after you do one workout, you realize it was not such a good place to start. One workout down. A few more to go. But seriously, this better get easier. Otherwise someone might not ever make it out of bed again. haha! And so sometimes I think to my self, i wouldn't have to start all over again, if I didn't ever stop. So this time, really is my last first time starting back up again. That's right. I'm getting back in rugby shape. So I can do one some rugby again. That is more than just peachy right there. And sometimes, it will not be peachy during the painful workout, but it will be peachy in the end! Summer was not good to me. Time to change that nonsense. And I think i've said sometimes, enough times for one post. Goodnight world. Let's hope I can make it out of bed in the morning. #soremusclesrule

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Birthday to Brady!

Since I am the best girlfriend in the world, here I am, a week late writing a happy birthday post to my man. For some reason, this week just hasn't been a good one for me blog-wise. I don't have the motivation to write stuff down after taking notes all day at school. But I really have some great stuff to share and will be posting some fun things within the next few days.

Happy Birthday Brady! Yes, your birthday was a week ago, exactly. But that's okay.

I can't believe it was our second year of doing birthday things together. Last year, we went to dinner with your family. But I was stuck in Provo, in a cast, and you had to come get me so that you could spend your birthday with me. This year, I was stuck in class. UNTIL 5. So you, once again waited on me, so that we could go up to Salt Lake with your family to go to Tucanos. I rushed to Cedar Hills from Provo, right after my class got out, and then we all went up to Salt Lake for dinner. Tucanos is the best place for birthday dinner. It's amazing. I love it. I'm going to miss going there with you. Especially because you took me there for the first time. It's not the same without you. We attempted to take a good picture, but ended up with many goofy ones. But that's okay. Because I'm starting to like the goofy ones more and more now.

Then we made our way into Hollister by accident. haha. :) Okay, not really by accident. Mainly because I wanted to go in there while we waited for your family. I love shopping a little too much. I probably shop a little too much. But I love shopping even more when you are with me. Not because I want you to buy me things, but because I value your opinion. I like it when you tell me things look good. Because, I dress for you, so i definitely like knowing what you like. But most of all, I love the sweater that you bought me Thursday night. Once again, you catered to me on your birthday! You are so sweet. It's absolutely perfect. And i'm going to wear it a lot. 

I know it isn't always easy. Sometimes things just don't work out. We both work. We both have insane schedules. We live 14.8 miles away from each other (soon to be 601 miles). But you have made it easy to be in a relationship. You let me be myself. You make it real for me. You love me, make me laugh, and inspire me to strive for greatness. You help me dream big, you help me see the good in everything, and you helped me write a future for myself. I'm grateful for this. Not only are the person who loves me for who I am, but you are also my best friend. The person I could tell anything to. The person I could come crying to. The person I could wait forever for. You are my person. It's just that simple. Thank you. Happy Birthday Brady! I love you! 

I don't remember how life was more than just peachy without you. You've made it more than just peachy. You've made my life a fairytale. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Goodbye Summer...Hello Fall!

School has officially started! Yay! I know, weird to be sounding excited about that, but I really am. I have seven classes and 12 credits. So that means two substantial classes and then lots of little classes. I'm hoping it won't end up being full of tons of work. I really need an easy semester. 

I spent the weekend doing fun things. I got a few snow cones (I love them! Can't get enough of them!), went shopping with my mom and grandma, and spent some time with Brady. My sweet mamacita was so great and got me some new school clothes! New jeans and new shoes. Oh how I love my vans! And today I finally found the glasses I wanted and got them ordered! 
Not a super crazy weekend, but I think it was a good way to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall! 
I'm going to miss the nights I stay out late swimming with friends, the late movie nights (where I usually end up asleep on the couch), and being able to have Brady come over or I get up and go to Brady's all the time.

But, i'm ready to learn, grow, and enjoy school. I know it's not going to be easy, because school definitely has never been easy for me, but I know that in the end it's going to be all worth it. So here's a  few of my goals for this next school year (hopefully by posting them here, i'll remember to work harder on them)

1) Be more organized. No more losing papers, confusing notes, and messy bag. 
2) Study harder thus getting better grades. In other words...get awesome grades! 
3) Get involved! I want to join a club this year. 
4) Get into the business program. 

Goal #4 is more long term, that is my major goal this year and it's going to be a year long thing that i'm going to working on, but I think that my other goals can help me achieve my big goal for the year. 

Life is more than just peachy! School is more than just peachy! This year is going to be great! 

Oh! And it's almost time to pull out my sweaters and boots! Can't wait! I love fall! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

This Week

Monday: I spent Monday working, cleaning, and the enjoying the evening with my good roommate Susanna. We ventured out to Brick Oven for their free root beer on monday night special. Oh was is delicious! I'm not super huge on their pizza, but I will definitely order their pizza in order to get their homemade root beer! Then we hung out and watched tv while working on a little decorating project for our place! I can't wait to show you guys the finished project!

Tuesday: I got sick. I felt so gross when I woke up, so I called in sick and spent the day resting. Then Brady, came over and made me feel so much better. He picked up Cafe Rio for dinner and we had a good time watching Two Weeks Notice. I love that movie. We spent the night talking, laughing, and enjoying each other's company. I'm really going to miss the long talks and laughs we have together. That boy knows how make me feel so much better. He's amazing.

Wednesday: Work. Then I hung out with Brady...again. haha! We spent lots of time together. We had a chill evening so we got a late dinner and then chilled at his house. We ended up having another long talk which was good. I love that boy.

Thursday: I worked, then spent time hanging out with my new roommates at my apartment before heading home for the night. I needed to do some laundry and take care of a few other things. Good thing I came home. So far, me and my little sister have gone and gotten snow cones, I've rode my bike with my dog sitting in the basket on the front of it, and now i'm watching a movie with my little brother who went to bed and then woke up again. haha! My mom is out of town and my dad is asleep not feeling well. So i'm glad i'm here to hold down the fort. My little brother came out in his footy pajamas. He was a little too excited to be wearing them! haha! He loves them. And my dog loves them too! He was chasing my brother around trying to bite the feet of his pajamas. All I can say is, I love my family.

I'm so ready for the weekend. I'm excited to go get new glasses tomorrow! I have my eye set of some cute Ray-Bans which will hopefully become mine. :) I know I haven't done anything crazy for this last week of summer, but it's been great. It's been More Than Just Peachy to me for sure! And hopefully I'll be able to fit in a few more snow cone runs! :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to One Amazing Man!

August 21st marks the 85th birthday of the beloved prophet of my church. President Thomas S. Monson is such an amazing man! It's had to describe how much I love him. Everytime this man speaks in conference or a fireside, he just happens to say exactly what I need to hear. He is truly inspired and I know he is called of God.

On Friday night the church held a celebration in his honor. It was a concert at the conference center with many amazing artists and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I was lucky enough to get tickets and so were my parents! So Brady, my parents, his mom, his brother, and his little sister all came to the concert.

We rode up with my parents and had dinner with them at Kneader's before the show. And then we went to the Cheesecake factory with Brady's family after. We were not planning on eating with them. We were just going to ginormous salad and one slice of cheesecake later.....we were stuffed....and Brady and I split the food. haha! It was just too hard to resist the yumminess. I can't wait to go back to that restaurant. It was a good/bad night on the food front. ;)

Some of my favorite moments of the concert were when:
1) Rebecca Luker sang All I Ask of You from Phantom of The Opera.
2) Dallin Vales Bayles sang Bring Him Home from Les Miserables.
3) President Uchtdorf and  President Eyering offered up tributes to President Monson.
4) Let's just say I enjoyed the entire night. It was so great! There wasn't a single moment that I didn't enjoy.

I'm so grateful that President Monson has been a part of my life. He is such an amazing man and I look up to him and his family so much. I'm grateful for his sacrifice to spend his life serving our church and our Heavenly Father. I'm grateful for the inspiring messages and lessons he always shares with the members of the church, and with me.

I just hope he will be around for a long time. It's hard to imagine time without President Monson. This is one amazing man. Happy Birthday. I know that because of him, my life has been more than just peachy.

Brady and I after the concert with the SLC temple behind us. It was such a great evening. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Missions, Messes, and Marriages

Brady spent the last weekend visiting his mission area with this dad. Which left me with lots of free time. I spent Friday with some friends venturing to Village Inn and then spent Saturday with my family and working on a project which will be complete soon. Can't tell anyone what it is yet...but it's pretty great! Here's what I've been up to since then:

1) My best friend's boyfriend and good friend of mine and Brady's had is mission farewell this past Sunday! Brady got back back just in time for his fareweill! We were so happy to be able to spend some time with him before he left. We spent some time hanging out with friends and his family after church. Talk about awesome! These Samoans know how to throw a party! Great food and fun! We spent three hours laughing, eating, and playing volleyball together. I'm really going to miss our friend and I can't wait for him to get back so that we can double with him and Brook again!

From Left to Right: Brady, Me, Kelsi, Jared (the missisonary), Brooklyn (his girl), Mariah, Annie, Taylor, and Dallin. The last time we'll all be together for awhile! 
2) Monday was my apartment's cleaning check. It was nuts. Basically all of us had spent the weekend away with our families and we had left the place in a huge mess. We all came back within five hours before the cleaning check and spent all of that time cleaning like mad people. It was exhausting. I'm so glad we passed. I'm even more glad that they are going to replace the carpet in our bedrooms! Yay! We need it so bad. Now, we just have to be good and keep the apartment clean until the new roommates move in. I'm sad i'm going to be losing five great roomies. I love them so much! But i'm excited for the new school year to start and for the opportunity to meet some new friends.

3) My old roommate Kaitlyn got married on Monday! We rushed up to SLC after we finished our cleaning check to go to her reception! I'm so happy for her! I had a great time living with her! I'm really glad we got to be roommates! We all took dates to her reception and had a fun time exploring temple square and Salt Lake that night. Brady and I love spending time together in the car. We were the odd couple out that ended up in our own car. I'm glad we did though. We always have something to talk about and time flies. I'm going to miss our long drives and deep conversations.

From Left to Right: Jake and Jessica, Devin and Josie, Katie and Tom, Sterling and Maraika, Me and Brady
Katie, Me, Kaitlyn, Maraika, and Jessica. So happy for her! She looked stunning! 
4) Last night Jess, Josie, and me all ended up at Walmart buying movies, junk food, and lots of other things we probably don't need. haha! We also made a stop at Panda Express before finding ourselves at home watching The Prince & Me. This also prompted queso making and chocolate eating. Oh goodness...did I feel sick! But it was so much fun! I'm going to miss these girls so much! 

5) I'm currently sitting on my couch doing absolutely nothing. Well not nothing, i'm watching my third movie of the day with my roommate Josie. It's only 11:20 am so far and we've already watched How to Train Your Dragon and The Lion King. We're now starting The Invisible! It's one of my favorites! Who knows what we'll do next! But seriously, taking a day off feels so good! 

Summer is almost over. It's been a good one. It's been filled with adventure. And i'm determined to enjoy the rest of what's left of it. Life is more than just peachy! Enjoy it! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Few Things About Me

Here's a few little things about me. Some weird. Some crazy. Some normal. Either way, this is me. A

1) I'm a list maker. Always making lists and checking things off of them. 
2) I love music. Always listening.
3) I'm a semi-germ-a-phob. (Is that even a word?) I'm crazy about some things and cannot stand it. Other things don't bother me at all. 
4) I have naturally curly brown hair. This makes for amazing bed head. Waking up brings many laughs and frustrations. I'm not always sure what to do with my hair. 
5) I talk in my sleep. Most recently my ramblings have been "You guys can have my spa samples!" and "You guys are so mean!" both were said to my roommates late at night, and both of them I have no recollection of happening. 
6) I love buying movies. I'm always looking through the 5$ movie piles at stores. 
7) I'm a  piler. Laundry piles. Book and movie piles. Piles of paper. I consolidate piles and clean up then start again. 
8) I'm habitual in what I order off a menu. Once I find one thing I like at a restaurant, I cannot order something different, mainly out of fear of ordering something new and then hating it. 
9) I'm OCD. Things must be center, coordinate a certain way, and sometimes if things just don't look right, i'm just not happy.
10) I love watching the food network. I watch it all the time. That and wedding shows on TLC. And an occasional dose of reality TV.
11) I could eat BBQ for every meal.
12) I love blogging. But sometimes I get too lazy to actually post anything.
13) I love Brady! No one has ever made me as happy as he has. No one will ever be able to make me laugh as hard as he has.
14) I'm a klutz. I fall off my bed, slip on the floor, and fall on my face on a weekly least.
15) I love the outdoors. I spend my time dreaming about snowboarding, water-skiing, and visiting the beach. I crave sunshine all year round....which yes, leads to fake baking...but only in the winter. ha!
16) I'm one of those people who talks in a weird voice to my dog. Oh how I love that little fluff ball! I love dogs. See my pinterest and you'll understand more.
17) I'm scared of the unknown. Also have a few very irrational fears. Oh and I'm afraid of failing.
18) I'm a blog junkie. I love reading other people's stories and experiences. I read a few too many probably. But I love it.
19) I'm addicted to hashtags. #ridiculousiknow #yikes
20) I dream big and love even bigger.
21) I laugh very loudly...even at the littlest things. I love laughing. It just makes everything better...unless if you are the only one laughing at something. I learned how to laugh at my craziness from an early age.
22) I cannot eat certain things with a metal fork. Plastic silverware is the way to go. I know...weird.
23) I can talk incredibly fast when needed, it's just a matter of understanding at that point.
24) I'm outpsoken. I have to watch what I say around people, because sometimes my bluntness can be offensive.
25) I'm lucky i'm in love with my best friend.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adventure on August 1st!

Yesterday was one long adventure. The day started early and ended late but every moment was really great!

1) Brady and I had to go up to Salt Lake for an insurance meeting for work. We left at 7:30, meeting started at 9 and then ended at 11:30. I'm really liking learning all this stuff about insurance and working in insurance. And, I get to work at the same office as Brady a couple days a week.

2) After the meeting, little did I know, that Brady wasn't planning on going back to work. He wanted to have an adventure. So we did. We started out by driving around Salt Lake having no idea where we were going. We ended up driving around downtown admiring the unique architecture of places, driving around the University of Utah (not my favorite place, definitely one of Brady's favorite places), and then up at the state capitol. We went on a self guided tour and enjoyed exploring the place.
Replica of The Liberty Bell 

Brady really loved that lion. It was a necessity that we take that picture according to him. 
3) Then we went to City Creek to try window shopping. I didn't have any money to spend, but we ended up there anyways. Let's just say...i'm a weak shopper. Even when I say i'm not going to spend money, if I find cute shoes on sale for a good price....yikes. I'm in trouble. I resisted the sale items at H&M but then found the best shoes at Vans. I wanted them so badly. Brady was the strong one who convinced me not to buy the shoes. We left shortly after that, because i'm a girl, and will shop given the opportunity regardless of money or not. haha! 

4) The we made our way back towards home, but not without a stop at Ikea! Sounds so random, but really yesterday was an adventure day. We did whatever sounded fun at the moment. We started our trip by getting lunch at the restaurant there and then made our way through the show rooms. I love that place! Brady may have not liked shopping at City Creek, but he definitely loved shopping at Ikea. He speaks his opinion more openly about furniture and home decor than he does about clothes I want to buy. lol! We loved pretending that we were picking out furniture for our first apartment. We share the same style when it comes to this stuff, so I have a feeling that when we do decorate our first apartment together, it's going to be very easy. 

5) After Ikea, we headed home. I went to my parent's house and Brady went back to his house. I put together the lamp I bought at Ikea and Brady took a nap. haha! We both needed a little rest before going back out to continue the adventure. 

6) After our little break, we went out to dinner with Brady's mom and sister. Cafe Rio is always amazing. Love that place! Then we went back to his house. Got in a huge tickle fight, the winner is still undecided because we had to truce after both of us ended up on the floor. I love tickling Brady, don't love getting tickled back as much! haha! Then we watched Crazy, Stupid, Love. I love that movie! Then we headed out for a short drive before calling it a night. 

The day was packed with activities, lots of laughs, and lots of fun! I loved just doing whatever we felt like. It was great! We have lots of ideas for our next day like this, which i'm thinking will included a trip to the zoo. :)  It's great to just enjoy the days we get to spend together and not stress about having to stick to a schedule. I loved it! It was not just day a more than just peachy moments, it was a day spent making memories as a couple together. August 1st was good to us. 26 days til school starts. Time to make the final summer list and enjoy the time left in this one great summer! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Little Things

I love weekends! Nothing beats a fun weekend! This past one was an eventful one for sure! Well..not too eventful. I would have to say that it was the little things that made my weekend so great. So here's to the little things that made this past weekend so great! 

1) Friday night date night with Brady! He spoiled me and took me out to Outback for some ridiculously great steak. Followed by Olympics opening ceremony watching and Sherlock Holmes watching. I really do love nights like that. We always have lots to talk and laugh about. 

2) Saturday was spent grocery shopping, pizza eating, and more Olympics watching.The best steal of the weekend was cheesecake and fresh raspberries from Sam's club. Oh how I love that store! Never walk in there on an empty stomach or else you'll come out with cheesecake, chips and salsa, and one massive block of cheese. 

3) Saturday night was spent with Brady. Oh how I love spending time with that boy! We made Frito Pie for dinner and then watched Monsters Inc. That's was Brady's choice. Of course there was lots of talking, laughing, and tickling mixed in with that movie watching. 

4) Sunday was spent church going, dinner making, and more Olympics watching. I really love those Olympics. I think my roommates were a little freaked out that I was glued to the t.v. waiting for the women's gymnastics to come on, but when they finally did come on, it was so great! Talk about great! Gymnastics + Cheesecake = One Happy Allie! 

5) Late Sunday night was spent laughing with my crazy roommates. You would think that six girls around the age of 21-18 would be able to handle themselves at night. Oh no! Craziness is always around when you mix six girls and one bathroom. So I was at the sink washing my face and getting ready for bed. And while I was doing so, my roommate comes over and pants me! I scream so loud that we all fall the ground laughing! Meanwhile, I've got soap all over my face and in my eyes and can't see. We all then proceeded to attempt to pants each other. No success led us to attacking Jess with a spray bottle of water as she tried to escape to her bedroom. We're nuts. I'm so sad they will all be moving out soon. 

6) As I'm sitting here writing this post, i'm watching You've Got Mail. This is seriously one of my favorite movies. I never get sick of it. I could watch it everyday. It makes me happy. 

Little things can add up to one great weekend. They surely did just that this weekend. I'm so glad I have great roommates, a great boyfriend, and great movies to make my weekend great and help me get ready for another work week. Here's to another week of More Than Just Peachy moments, because having a week like this past weekend is definitely something to be hoped for. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Part 1: The Asking

In so many ways, this story could be rather boring, plain, and completely typical. But on the other hand, this story is one that has a beginning, a middle, but no end. Not yet at least, but hopefully someday, i'll know how this story ends. This is our story. One that is filled with excitement, happiness, and loads of romance, and that's what sets it apart from the rest. And lots of crazy, awkward, and silly moments that make it so much more funny!

I've known Brady for a really long time. As in long time, we went to sixth grade, all of junior high, and all of high school together. We grew up in the same city, stake, and were mutual acquaintances. We had classes together throughout the years, and talked together here and there, but we never were actual close friends. But senior year changed that.

We had one class together. One class out of eight classes. Sports Medicine. I still consider that to be one of the funnest classes I took senior year. I took it for one have a class with my best friend Brooklyn. I had no intention of ever going into a medical profession after high school. But the class was well worth all the hard work....not only did I learn how to tape my sprained ankles and take care of my rugby injuries, I started talking to Brady Webb who was also in that class.

The class was a year long class. So every other day, we'd have sports med and we'd look at gross injury pictures, we'd tape ankles, arms, and wrists, and we'd dissect gross things. The day we dissected cow hearts was probably the worst day in that class for me. I wanted to throw up.

I sat in the back, middle row of the class. Right next to Brooklyn and a few other friends. Brady sat in the back, on the right sided rows of the classroom, next to his friends. When we weren't watching movies (more like sleeping during movies) we were finishing notes or worksheets, and when we were done with that we'd play cards....and by that i mean really intense, shouting games of slap jack.

The game was called Egyptian Rat's Crew. Probably the best game ever. But also, probably the worst game to ever play in the middle of class. Our teacher would get mad when we got too rowdy. We started inviting whoever wanted to play into our group of crazy card players. Brady and his friends just happened to be a couple of those people who would join us occasionally. And occasionally we would talk, laugh, and have a good time hanging out during class with each other. One time, i ever wrapped Brady's elbow, because I had no one else's elbow to wrap.

For the time being we had just casually been talking to each other every once in awhile. Until January. Preference was coming up. That's the girl's choice formal dance at my high school. It was the third weekend in January, and it was January 4th, and I still didn't have a date. I needed to find a date. But I just wasn't seriously interested in anyone at that time. I didn't know who to ask, and that was a scary thing. I had the dress, I had the friends to go with, I just didn't have a man.

On January 4th, a vital conversation occurred. One conversation, that could have altered the way things happened in a very bad way, if this conversation didn't occur. I was talking with CaBree Robinson in seminary when I discovered who to ask to preference. CaBree is Brady's stepsister, I've known her for years too, just casual friends, just like how I knew Brady.This is how it went:

Me: "Cabes, who are you going to preference with?"
CaBree: "I'm going with Matt Olson, who are you going with?"
Me: "I have no idea! I'm freaking out because I don't know who to ask. Is Brady going?"
CaBree: "No he's not, you should ask him!"
Me: "I should! That would be so fun! I'll have to think about it!"

Then later that night, at eight thirty, I found myself running to the store with my girlfriends, all packed into my mom's SUV, to get the needed things to ask out our dates. In Utah, it's crazy how you ask someone out. You don't ask in person. You have to come up with a creative way to ask them. So before I knew it, just out of spontaneity, I was asking Brady to the dance.

I grabbed starbust candies, paper, and a pen. Found myself at the balloon counter throwing things in the balloons then filling them up. All I remember is writing on the paper "Brady, the STARS will BURST if you go to preference with me!". I tore the paper up into strips, wrote a different letter of my name on a starburst, put them into balloons and then filled them up with helium. All he had to do was pop the balloons, assemble the riddle, and then get all the letters lined up correctly to figure out who had asked him to the dance.

We drove to Brady's house, speedily trying to get back in time for curfews, good thing he lived close by to my house, and then came the tricky part. How was I supposed to dump these balloons on his porch and door-bell ditch him,  and get away without being seen, with a large cast on my left foot? I had foot surgery four days earlier! I had seriously just gotten off the drugs, that day. Good thing, considering the driving and all. haha! Brooklyn would have to do it for me. What a good best friend she was. So while she ran to the doorstep, we all hid in the car around the corner.

She came speedily back to the car, we saw the door open, and then we sped off into the darkness of the night. The deed was done. I had asked Brady Webb out. I was thrilled! Now, all I had to do was wait for him to answer me. I knew one thing about that would at least be a fun date. Regardless of what happened after the date, it would be a fun night to remember, I just didn't know that day, that it would lead into something so much bigger and so much more peachy than anything else i'd ever experience.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Called to Serve!

My amazing boyfriend, Brady, received his mission call this week! YAY! He's going to be serving two years for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the SAN BERNARDINO mission, speaking SPANISH! I'm so excited for him! He is so happy to be going somewhere where he can speak a different language. I know it's going to be a very lonely two years without him, but i know that having him serve a mission is the best thing ever. He's going to serve the Lord with his whole heart, and i'm so happy for him. I'm willing to wait as many years as it takes, in order for him to be mine forever. <3 The people of California are going to get one amazing boy, and i'm so grateful that he has made the decision to go for the right reasons. He's not going for me, he's going for himself, and for the Lord. This is definitely more than just peachy. It's a great thing, and it is going to bring him so much happiness, and it's going to bring me so much happiness too!

With Brady leaving and going on his mission soon, I want to write down our entire story. So starting soon, i'll post about how we met, dated, and fell in love. There are like a million more than just peachy moments that have made up our relationship, and i want to remember them.

hehehe. Sorry, couldn't help it. I find this incredibly cute. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Blast from the Past: Prom 2011

 I only graduated from high school a year ago. I went to seven school dances throughout high school. Three formals, four non-formal. Six were girls choice, meaning that I asked my date. One of them was PROM. I went to prom once. But it was still one of the funnest nights ever. Not to mention, I went to prom with my boyfriend and soon to be missionary (he gets his call in less than a week). So I like the fact that the one prom I did go to, was with Brady.
In Utah, the way you ask people out to dances is kinda crazy. You don't call them and ask. You don't ask them in person. You have to like leave them something with your name hidden in it, so then you have to figure out who asked you, and then you have to answer them back in a crazy way. So here's the story of how I was asked to prom: It was March 29, 2011. It was a Tuesday night, I remember this day because it also just happens to be our anniversary. See Brady was a little sneak. We ended up hanging out at a stake combined mutual that night. We had been dating since January but hadn't really talked about what we were. We weren't boyfriend/girlfriend yet, but we were more than friends. Everyone assumed that we were boyfriend/girlfriend.    But I wasn't sure. haha. So after the mutual activity ended, he asked me if I wanted to hang out with him. Of course I did! So we decided to go for a ride. We just talked for a long time. It was so great. Then he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was so happy! It was then official. From that day on, I would date Brady and Brady only. He dropped me back off at my car and we said goodnight (he kissed me on the forehead! AHH! I died! It was a total Mr. Darcy move!). Then I drove home and went downstairs in my room to find a bunch of stuff! There was a huge poster, a basket of candy, and balloons! So the poster read: "Out of all the girls in the state, you are the one I want to be my date. Maybe someday, Paris, France, but for I'll just take you to the dance! -Brady" Taped to the poster was a little Eiffel tower necklace! It's beautiful! Brady always picks out the best jewelry for me. I love it! I was blown away. Not only did he ask me to be his girlfriend, but he also asked me out to prom and I wasn't even expecting it. It was so great. So the next day i decided to answer him back just to make it easy. I played rugby for the United rugby club that year, and I really wanted him to have a hat of theirs. So I got a hat and said "You like Utah and i like BYU, so let's settle our differences and be UNITED for a night because I'd love to go to prom with you!" It was simple and cheesy, but that's kinda my style, that's pretty much Brady and mine own style. I love it that way. 

This is the group. I don't know why we are posing so weird. I still don't understand what i'm doing. lol! 
Then there was the actual prom: In Utah, you have day dates and then the actual prom. Our day date was on Friday night before prom and I had a rugby game that day. I also was sick. haha! I donated blood three days earlier and had a terrible reaction to it. It was so bad, I almost passed out in front of my entire sports medicine class on a field trip. So in-between plays (which are few, because rugby doesn't stop much) I was trying not to trow up or pass out. Brady cheered for me the whole time. :) Gotta love that boy! Then we went out to dinner, went bowling, and then watched a movie at his house. Then came Saturday. The actual prom date. haha! This is a long story. My mom literally finished making my dress like three hours before it was time to go. I was so stressed it wouldn't get finished. But she did it, and it looked great! I loved it! We rode in a BMW (our favorite car) that night and had a blast. We got picked up, then we drove to another person's house where we had a private concert and catered dinner. Allred did the concert and it was amazing! It was a great show. We had Tucanos for dinner too! Talk about amazing! I was blown away. Then we drove up to the capital in Salt Lake City and had the dance. We danced, laughed, and had a good time. My favorite thing about going to dances with Brady is that he's as crazy of a dancer as me and he knows how to have fun! The night was great...until Brady got sick. We suspect food poisoning. :( But it really was a great night and i'm so glad that I got to go with Brady. He was a true prince and treated me like a princess. We still talk about how much fun we had that night. Goodnight kiss on the doorstep was a perfect way to end my prom experience. It seems like a totally cliche story...but it was absolutely perfect in my mind. I wouldn't have had it any other way. My high school dance experiences were all pretty much positive ones, but realistically the ones I went to with Brady were perfect. They were more than just peachy moments, and they were the start of something new and completely much more than just peachy. <3 
Did I mention we got a private tour of the House of Representatives room at the capital thanks to a parent of someone in our group? SO COOL! This is our favorite shot. Brady is a hoot! 
Just for fun: Here's a picture of our first date! It was the girls choice formal and I had asked  Brady out! haha!  All I can say is I'm glad I learned a few things about make-up in the time between our first date and prom, and i'm also glad that you cannot see my neon pink cast covering my leg. I had foot surgery and was stuck in a cast for Preference. haha! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

While the boy is away....the girl will play!

My boy is currently on a cruise and will be gone for the next seven days. SEVEN DAYS! I don't know what to do with myself. I basically plan everything around Brady, so planning things without him is so weird. I have a list of things i want do while he is on a mission like go to Europe, work at a ski resort, and get a good chunk of school done. But being out of school for awhile, and having seven days is not something I was really prepared for. haha! So here's to a week of productivity. I have a few ideas of what to do this week. Things like:
1) Go to Lagoon and ride some roller coasters. Because there is nothing better than feeling like you are going to fall out and to have someone holding onto you.
2) Get an amazing tan. Because there is no such thing as too much tanning!
3) Take professional portraits. Because you just haven't taken a great photo unless you've included a cat in the picture.
hahaha! I'm just kidding. I'm not going to do any of these this next week. Although I may spend some time in the sun. They are opening the pool at my apartment complex this week. I'm quite excited about that. Not being in school is so nice. But sometimes i feel a little like i'm a little lazy because i'm not doing homework when everyone else in my apartment is. haha! I just work all day and then party all night. So for serious this time, hopefully i can do a few fun things this week while Brady is away like:
1) Hang out with some girlfriends I haven't seen in forever because we've all been away at different colleges.
2) Organize my apartment. I've been a little messy  lately and I need to get everything in order. Time to get rid of the massive pile in my closet.
3) Catch up on a few shows, see a movie, and finish a book. Smash, Glee, and Once Upon a Time. Maybe even see The Lucky One again. I really liked that movie. And hopefully i'll finish To Kill a Mockingbird. I love this book. I read it years ago, but now that i'm reading again, i'm picking up on so much more and I absolutely love it.
4) Basically just party. Just do something every night. haha! I don't want to sit around and do nothing. I plan to be busy. Although i will be working like forty hours this week so it'll really be a great week.
5) Think about things. One thing that i've realized I never got to do during the school year was really think. Think about my life and what I really want to do with it. I've really enjoyed not having school to fog up my mind lately, so i'm hoping that this week will be one in which i can think about things and try to figure out things. I've missed knowing exactly what I want. I want to feel like I know exactly what I want again.
But most of all, i'm just going to make sure that every moment this week is more than just peachy. It's going to be a proactive week for me, and that is exactly what i need.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shake It Out!

Glee never fails to amaze me. They can take a great song and make it incredibly beautiful. I love this one they recently did. It's such a great rendition and they make it so easy to listen to the lyrics with the acoustics harmonies. I love it! It's always darkest before the dawn, so just hold on a little longer because the sunshine is right around the corner.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Swinging into Summer

This past weekend was incredibly awesome. We finished finals a few days before and it was time to celebrate. So what do a group of BYU students do? We drive to Mona, and hit up the local lake and rope swing. Okay, this thing is crazy. You have to climb 20 feet up a tree and then swing off this little platform into the water. It was so great! I was a little scared at first. I've never been one who likes heights. But after making it to the top of the tree, and realizing there was no way down, I had no choice but to swing down and into the cold water. It was so worth it. Once you take the plunge, and just swing, all the fear goes away. I must admit, it felt good doing something that scared me, and it felt even better proving that I am not a wimp in front of my roommates, FHE brothers, and friends. Let's just say facing my fear of heights this past weekend, was the perfect way to swing into summer. I'm hoping i can have more moments like this over the summer, because swinging off that rope was definitely more than just peachy (even if I walked away with some killer rope burn and bruises).
Sitting in the tree, waiting to catch the rope to swing up. 
hehe. This is seriously so fun! 
Another swinging shot. My roommates are the best photographers ever! 
The group: Roommates, FHE Bros, and Friends from my ward. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Then and Now

Festival of Colors 2010 with my older sister Jess. So fun! 
I was a junior in high school.
Played rugby like crazy.
Had no idea what i wanted to do with my life.
Spent my days not worrying.
No future prospects of a boyfriend.
Had hair that was semi-long, until the summer cut arrived.
Pretty much wore a sweatshirt to school everyday.
Spent time with my older sister, and hoped I would join her at BYU soon.
Partied with my friends on the weekends.
Life was so simple then.
Festival of Colors 2012 with my little sister. She knows how to party. 

I am a finishing my freshman year at BYU.
Don't play rugby right now, but hope to soon.
I know exactly what I want to do with my life.
Have one amazing boyfriend, we've been together for 14 months.
Hair is getting longer, no intention of cutting it again.
Working on wearing more mature clothes to school. Sweatshirts don't cut it anymore.
Now I spend time with my little sister, she's crazy, and keeps me young.
Party with my roommates and boyfriend, when i'm not swamped with homework.
I worry about a lot of things, because now is the time to prepare for bigger things to come in my life.
Life is not as simple or carefree as it was back then. But that's okay.

Things change and that's okay. Things change and that's how life is. Everyday brings a new challenge, a new obstacle to overcome, and new things to learn. But that's what life is. Learning how to adapt to the changes life brings. I just need to remember smile and enjoy the experience as it happens. Because loving what you've got while you've got it is what makes life more than just peachy. Stop wishing for more and just be grateful for  what we have now. That's what is important in life.

Monday, March 19, 2012

New Layout

Now I know why people don't like blogger, and make their own layouts. I'm not particularly thrilled with the new layout, but this is the most manageable thing that the ocd inside of me will allow. Hopefully, i'll learn soon how to make a cute looking one myself. Until then, here's to the new layout and lots more posting. There has been plenty of peachy moments just not enough posting. :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

You Make It Real for Me

It's been one year since our first date.
One amazing year spent together.
Wouldn't have it any other way.
we'll have many years to spend together.
Until then,
 I'll count down the remaining seven months that you are mine.
After that,
 I'll count down the
2 years,
24 months,
104 weeks,
730 days
until you'll be mine again,
and I wouldn't have it any other way.
you make it real for me.