Thursday, August 26, 2010

For Me and My Gal

I'm just going to write a little spiel here about this awesome movie i watched the other night with my good friend TL. It just climbed it's way onto my top twenty favorites. I loved this movie! It's a 1942 film starring Judy Garland and Gene Kelly. It's actually Gene Kelly's first feature film. His first film on camera, and man, it's amazing. It captures the spirit of Gene Kelly. It captures the spirit of the y.m.c.a and the beginning of traveling musical acts and companies. It's so cute! I love it! It's a mega romance. And everyone knows how much i go crazy over that sappy romance stuff. I love IT! It's a film that i will enjoy forever. I guess i should tell you all what it's about. haha. It features the suave and cocky performer Harry Palmer (Gene Kelly) who is a performer. He meets Jo Hayden (Judy Garland) who is appauled by his shovanistic personality. He asks her out for some coffee and they soon find themselves laughing and enjoying themselves. They decide to become a duo act together and perform together all in the hopes of achieving their dreams of performing at The Palace. As they travel on, Jo falls in love with Harry, and finally he realizes that he loves her back too. Then they soon find out they will be playing at The Palace, so they decide to get married after the performance at The Palace. When they get there, they find out that they have gone to the wrong palace and they then decide not to get married until the first show they play at The Palace. They continue on performing in various venues and they get booked at the real palace. They then receive terrible news that Harry has been drafted into the army and he will be unable to play at the palace. So he hurts his hand on purpose to delay his departure day. But Jo, gets upset that he did that, and so she asks him to leave and they don't see each other for  a long time. Jo goes over to France to sing to the troops, and Harry who was not allowed into the army because of his hand, goes over there later to do the same. But he is lovesick and depressed and the only person he wants to see it Jo. They run into each other in France but Jo willl not stop and talk to Harry. So then anyways, to shorten this up, Harry ends up helping the war effort, and the war ends, and then they all return to New York where Jo is playing at The Palace without Harry. Harry is at the performance and she sees him in the audience. All of their fellow friends gets him onstage and him and Jo pick up their old song like they had never stopped performing it. Then, the flame rekindles between Jo and Harry and everything ends happy. Jo and Harry together, at The Palace. It's really good! I suggest you see it because it really was one of the more than just peachy moments that i had this month.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Sweet Smelling Scent of Success

I love the smell of baked goods. I walk into a bakery and i'm sold. I will leave with something because i just can't resist the smell of the yummy things. What do i not love the smell of? Let's be serious here......skunks, farms, stinky dogs, sweaty boys in the summer who smell like stinky dogs, and manuer. They all stink. But yoummy things like cakes, brownies, and rolls. :) I think rolls smell so good. Especially Lion House Rolls, they are the super good ones (Well excluding my grammy's homemade butterhorns, nobody can beat those). The day i walked into Deseret Book to buy some rolls for my mom was the day that changed my summer. I walked in and noticed a position avaliable for a pantry worker! HOORAY! Just what i need, a job in the Lion House pantry! :) A job with all those incredible rolls! Oh yeah! So i ran home, filled out the application online, and then waited. I waited about a day before i got a call, a call for an interview. So i went to the interview and then a day later i got the call back for the second interview. Three days later, i went back in for the final final interview with the head hauncho. Oh yikes! I was so so so nervous. But it went well, and i never got a call back. I was so sad. I knew it was because i still had to go to youth conference, girl's camp, and UBW. Fast forward to August 9th, 2010. I get a call from Deseret Book again. Another spot opened up and they want me to come in for another interview. SWEET! So, I go in, and they didn't even interview me. They just told me that they wanted me to work for them. :) SWEET! SUPER PEACHY MOMENT! So I started yesterday. Dang, it was hard. I had to learn alot in one day. It was really hard. But I'm sure that once i get used to the system more, i will be pro. It's so much fun! It's an amazing job. I know that i got this job because i did what i was supposed to and went to youth conference and girl's camp. I'm so grateful for this huge blessing in my life. And so, for the past two days, i have been smelling nothing but the sweet scent of success! Oh! It's super peachy! Nothing beats the smell of it. It's like that feeling you get when you got 100% on a job. It's great. :) It's super super peachy! And now my life is super busy, but nothing compares to this amazing job and the great advantages i'll receive because of it. Did i mention the 25% employee discount?? :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

J'adore Paris!

Is it the Eiffel tower or the Champs-elyssé that makes me swoon? Would it be the metro or the Luxembourge gardens? I don't know what it is but if it has anything to do with Paris, I love it! I listen to french music and I watch movies in French! I love French pastries and I love French parfumes! I have been thinking about France lately and for some reason I can't get enough of it.I have a huge oversized poster in my bedroom. It is a photo that overlooks the city and it catches all of the great views. I have bookends that are like the Eiffel tower and I also have a shirt with the tower on it. Paris captures the spirit of life! It captures everything amazing. "Paris holds the key to your heart!" -Anastasia. One day I will be one of those super glam girlies who sits on a bench, in a trenchcoat styled jacket (hopefully you all know what I'm talking about), and I will read a book. Possibly Emma or Eat,Pray,Love. I will sit with my gelato and think. I will adore the lights and I will do one of the things I wish to accomplish most in my life, speak French. Sounds insane and completely out of reach for some people but, all I want is to experience life, love, and to find happiness. I think I will be happy in France! Even if I don't live there, I will save all my pennies and be very poor so I can vacation there. Now what is so peachy about this?!? Well everything. I may not have experienced this yet, but all the time I have spent thinking, dreaming, and imagining about it has brought me lots of peachy moments. When I bought my Paris picture for my room, I had never been so happy spending money on a thing that probably cost a dollar to make and I pay sixteen for it. But anyways, continuing on with the spirit of finding the things that make you happy, I hope everyone can find their happy place. The place they dream about and the place they imagine themselves at. I know I have even though I hven't quite made it there, yet. XoXo

p.s. Sorry for any typos. I'm posting from my iPod. I don't want to go back and fix the mistakes because it's really hard to. Also I'm sad that you can't post pictures from an iPod. No happy Paris photos for you.:(