Monday, August 27, 2012

Goodbye Summer...Hello Fall!

School has officially started! Yay! I know, weird to be sounding excited about that, but I really am. I have seven classes and 12 credits. So that means two substantial classes and then lots of little classes. I'm hoping it won't end up being full of tons of work. I really need an easy semester. 

I spent the weekend doing fun things. I got a few snow cones (I love them! Can't get enough of them!), went shopping with my mom and grandma, and spent some time with Brady. My sweet mamacita was so great and got me some new school clothes! New jeans and new shoes. Oh how I love my vans! And today I finally found the glasses I wanted and got them ordered! 
Not a super crazy weekend, but I think it was a good way to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall! 
I'm going to miss the nights I stay out late swimming with friends, the late movie nights (where I usually end up asleep on the couch), and being able to have Brady come over or I get up and go to Brady's all the time.

But, i'm ready to learn, grow, and enjoy school. I know it's not going to be easy, because school definitely has never been easy for me, but I know that in the end it's going to be all worth it. So here's a  few of my goals for this next school year (hopefully by posting them here, i'll remember to work harder on them)

1) Be more organized. No more losing papers, confusing notes, and messy bag. 
2) Study harder thus getting better grades. In other words...get awesome grades! 
3) Get involved! I want to join a club this year. 
4) Get into the business program. 

Goal #4 is more long term, that is my major goal this year and it's going to be a year long thing that i'm going to working on, but I think that my other goals can help me achieve my big goal for the year. 

Life is more than just peachy! School is more than just peachy! This year is going to be great! 

Oh! And it's almost time to pull out my sweaters and boots! Can't wait! I love fall! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

This Week

Monday: I spent Monday working, cleaning, and the enjoying the evening with my good roommate Susanna. We ventured out to Brick Oven for their free root beer on monday night special. Oh was is delicious! I'm not super huge on their pizza, but I will definitely order their pizza in order to get their homemade root beer! Then we hung out and watched tv while working on a little decorating project for our place! I can't wait to show you guys the finished project!

Tuesday: I got sick. I felt so gross when I woke up, so I called in sick and spent the day resting. Then Brady, came over and made me feel so much better. He picked up Cafe Rio for dinner and we had a good time watching Two Weeks Notice. I love that movie. We spent the night talking, laughing, and enjoying each other's company. I'm really going to miss the long talks and laughs we have together. That boy knows how make me feel so much better. He's amazing.

Wednesday: Work. Then I hung out with Brady...again. haha! We spent lots of time together. We had a chill evening so we got a late dinner and then chilled at his house. We ended up having another long talk which was good. I love that boy.

Thursday: I worked, then spent time hanging out with my new roommates at my apartment before heading home for the night. I needed to do some laundry and take care of a few other things. Good thing I came home. So far, me and my little sister have gone and gotten snow cones, I've rode my bike with my dog sitting in the basket on the front of it, and now i'm watching a movie with my little brother who went to bed and then woke up again. haha! My mom is out of town and my dad is asleep not feeling well. So i'm glad i'm here to hold down the fort. My little brother came out in his footy pajamas. He was a little too excited to be wearing them! haha! He loves them. And my dog loves them too! He was chasing my brother around trying to bite the feet of his pajamas. All I can say is, I love my family.

I'm so ready for the weekend. I'm excited to go get new glasses tomorrow! I have my eye set of some cute Ray-Bans which will hopefully become mine. :) I know I haven't done anything crazy for this last week of summer, but it's been great. It's been More Than Just Peachy to me for sure! And hopefully I'll be able to fit in a few more snow cone runs! :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to One Amazing Man!

August 21st marks the 85th birthday of the beloved prophet of my church. President Thomas S. Monson is such an amazing man! It's had to describe how much I love him. Everytime this man speaks in conference or a fireside, he just happens to say exactly what I need to hear. He is truly inspired and I know he is called of God.

On Friday night the church held a celebration in his honor. It was a concert at the conference center with many amazing artists and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I was lucky enough to get tickets and so were my parents! So Brady, my parents, his mom, his brother, and his little sister all came to the concert.

We rode up with my parents and had dinner with them at Kneader's before the show. And then we went to the Cheesecake factory with Brady's family after. We were not planning on eating with them. We were just going to ginormous salad and one slice of cheesecake later.....we were stuffed....and Brady and I split the food. haha! It was just too hard to resist the yumminess. I can't wait to go back to that restaurant. It was a good/bad night on the food front. ;)

Some of my favorite moments of the concert were when:
1) Rebecca Luker sang All I Ask of You from Phantom of The Opera.
2) Dallin Vales Bayles sang Bring Him Home from Les Miserables.
3) President Uchtdorf and  President Eyering offered up tributes to President Monson.
4) Let's just say I enjoyed the entire night. It was so great! There wasn't a single moment that I didn't enjoy.

I'm so grateful that President Monson has been a part of my life. He is such an amazing man and I look up to him and his family so much. I'm grateful for his sacrifice to spend his life serving our church and our Heavenly Father. I'm grateful for the inspiring messages and lessons he always shares with the members of the church, and with me.

I just hope he will be around for a long time. It's hard to imagine time without President Monson. This is one amazing man. Happy Birthday. I know that because of him, my life has been more than just peachy.

Brady and I after the concert with the SLC temple behind us. It was such a great evening. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Missions, Messes, and Marriages

Brady spent the last weekend visiting his mission area with this dad. Which left me with lots of free time. I spent Friday with some friends venturing to Village Inn and then spent Saturday with my family and working on a project which will be complete soon. Can't tell anyone what it is yet...but it's pretty great! Here's what I've been up to since then:

1) My best friend's boyfriend and good friend of mine and Brady's had is mission farewell this past Sunday! Brady got back back just in time for his fareweill! We were so happy to be able to spend some time with him before he left. We spent some time hanging out with friends and his family after church. Talk about awesome! These Samoans know how to throw a party! Great food and fun! We spent three hours laughing, eating, and playing volleyball together. I'm really going to miss our friend and I can't wait for him to get back so that we can double with him and Brook again!

From Left to Right: Brady, Me, Kelsi, Jared (the missisonary), Brooklyn (his girl), Mariah, Annie, Taylor, and Dallin. The last time we'll all be together for awhile! 
2) Monday was my apartment's cleaning check. It was nuts. Basically all of us had spent the weekend away with our families and we had left the place in a huge mess. We all came back within five hours before the cleaning check and spent all of that time cleaning like mad people. It was exhausting. I'm so glad we passed. I'm even more glad that they are going to replace the carpet in our bedrooms! Yay! We need it so bad. Now, we just have to be good and keep the apartment clean until the new roommates move in. I'm sad i'm going to be losing five great roomies. I love them so much! But i'm excited for the new school year to start and for the opportunity to meet some new friends.

3) My old roommate Kaitlyn got married on Monday! We rushed up to SLC after we finished our cleaning check to go to her reception! I'm so happy for her! I had a great time living with her! I'm really glad we got to be roommates! We all took dates to her reception and had a fun time exploring temple square and Salt Lake that night. Brady and I love spending time together in the car. We were the odd couple out that ended up in our own car. I'm glad we did though. We always have something to talk about and time flies. I'm going to miss our long drives and deep conversations.

From Left to Right: Jake and Jessica, Devin and Josie, Katie and Tom, Sterling and Maraika, Me and Brady
Katie, Me, Kaitlyn, Maraika, and Jessica. So happy for her! She looked stunning! 
4) Last night Jess, Josie, and me all ended up at Walmart buying movies, junk food, and lots of other things we probably don't need. haha! We also made a stop at Panda Express before finding ourselves at home watching The Prince & Me. This also prompted queso making and chocolate eating. Oh goodness...did I feel sick! But it was so much fun! I'm going to miss these girls so much! 

5) I'm currently sitting on my couch doing absolutely nothing. Well not nothing, i'm watching my third movie of the day with my roommate Josie. It's only 11:20 am so far and we've already watched How to Train Your Dragon and The Lion King. We're now starting The Invisible! It's one of my favorites! Who knows what we'll do next! But seriously, taking a day off feels so good! 

Summer is almost over. It's been a good one. It's been filled with adventure. And i'm determined to enjoy the rest of what's left of it. Life is more than just peachy! Enjoy it! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Few Things About Me

Here's a few little things about me. Some weird. Some crazy. Some normal. Either way, this is me. A

1) I'm a list maker. Always making lists and checking things off of them. 
2) I love music. Always listening.
3) I'm a semi-germ-a-phob. (Is that even a word?) I'm crazy about some things and cannot stand it. Other things don't bother me at all. 
4) I have naturally curly brown hair. This makes for amazing bed head. Waking up brings many laughs and frustrations. I'm not always sure what to do with my hair. 
5) I talk in my sleep. Most recently my ramblings have been "You guys can have my spa samples!" and "You guys are so mean!" both were said to my roommates late at night, and both of them I have no recollection of happening. 
6) I love buying movies. I'm always looking through the 5$ movie piles at stores. 
7) I'm a  piler. Laundry piles. Book and movie piles. Piles of paper. I consolidate piles and clean up then start again. 
8) I'm habitual in what I order off a menu. Once I find one thing I like at a restaurant, I cannot order something different, mainly out of fear of ordering something new and then hating it. 
9) I'm OCD. Things must be center, coordinate a certain way, and sometimes if things just don't look right, i'm just not happy.
10) I love watching the food network. I watch it all the time. That and wedding shows on TLC. And an occasional dose of reality TV.
11) I could eat BBQ for every meal.
12) I love blogging. But sometimes I get too lazy to actually post anything.
13) I love Brady! No one has ever made me as happy as he has. No one will ever be able to make me laugh as hard as he has.
14) I'm a klutz. I fall off my bed, slip on the floor, and fall on my face on a weekly least.
15) I love the outdoors. I spend my time dreaming about snowboarding, water-skiing, and visiting the beach. I crave sunshine all year round....which yes, leads to fake baking...but only in the winter. ha!
16) I'm one of those people who talks in a weird voice to my dog. Oh how I love that little fluff ball! I love dogs. See my pinterest and you'll understand more.
17) I'm scared of the unknown. Also have a few very irrational fears. Oh and I'm afraid of failing.
18) I'm a blog junkie. I love reading other people's stories and experiences. I read a few too many probably. But I love it.
19) I'm addicted to hashtags. #ridiculousiknow #yikes
20) I dream big and love even bigger.
21) I laugh very loudly...even at the littlest things. I love laughing. It just makes everything better...unless if you are the only one laughing at something. I learned how to laugh at my craziness from an early age.
22) I cannot eat certain things with a metal fork. Plastic silverware is the way to go. I know...weird.
23) I can talk incredibly fast when needed, it's just a matter of understanding at that point.
24) I'm outpsoken. I have to watch what I say around people, because sometimes my bluntness can be offensive.
25) I'm lucky i'm in love with my best friend.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adventure on August 1st!

Yesterday was one long adventure. The day started early and ended late but every moment was really great!

1) Brady and I had to go up to Salt Lake for an insurance meeting for work. We left at 7:30, meeting started at 9 and then ended at 11:30. I'm really liking learning all this stuff about insurance and working in insurance. And, I get to work at the same office as Brady a couple days a week.

2) After the meeting, little did I know, that Brady wasn't planning on going back to work. He wanted to have an adventure. So we did. We started out by driving around Salt Lake having no idea where we were going. We ended up driving around downtown admiring the unique architecture of places, driving around the University of Utah (not my favorite place, definitely one of Brady's favorite places), and then up at the state capitol. We went on a self guided tour and enjoyed exploring the place.
Replica of The Liberty Bell 

Brady really loved that lion. It was a necessity that we take that picture according to him. 
3) Then we went to City Creek to try window shopping. I didn't have any money to spend, but we ended up there anyways. Let's just say...i'm a weak shopper. Even when I say i'm not going to spend money, if I find cute shoes on sale for a good price....yikes. I'm in trouble. I resisted the sale items at H&M but then found the best shoes at Vans. I wanted them so badly. Brady was the strong one who convinced me not to buy the shoes. We left shortly after that, because i'm a girl, and will shop given the opportunity regardless of money or not. haha! 

4) The we made our way back towards home, but not without a stop at Ikea! Sounds so random, but really yesterday was an adventure day. We did whatever sounded fun at the moment. We started our trip by getting lunch at the restaurant there and then made our way through the show rooms. I love that place! Brady may have not liked shopping at City Creek, but he definitely loved shopping at Ikea. He speaks his opinion more openly about furniture and home decor than he does about clothes I want to buy. lol! We loved pretending that we were picking out furniture for our first apartment. We share the same style when it comes to this stuff, so I have a feeling that when we do decorate our first apartment together, it's going to be very easy. 

5) After Ikea, we headed home. I went to my parent's house and Brady went back to his house. I put together the lamp I bought at Ikea and Brady took a nap. haha! We both needed a little rest before going back out to continue the adventure. 

6) After our little break, we went out to dinner with Brady's mom and sister. Cafe Rio is always amazing. Love that place! Then we went back to his house. Got in a huge tickle fight, the winner is still undecided because we had to truce after both of us ended up on the floor. I love tickling Brady, don't love getting tickled back as much! haha! Then we watched Crazy, Stupid, Love. I love that movie! Then we headed out for a short drive before calling it a night. 

The day was packed with activities, lots of laughs, and lots of fun! I loved just doing whatever we felt like. It was great! We have lots of ideas for our next day like this, which i'm thinking will included a trip to the zoo. :)  It's great to just enjoy the days we get to spend together and not stress about having to stick to a schedule. I loved it! It was not just day a more than just peachy moments, it was a day spent making memories as a couple together. August 1st was good to us. 26 days til school starts. Time to make the final summer list and enjoy the time left in this one great summer!