Tuesday, March 19, 2013

eShakti Dress Review

I recently received this dress from eShakti.com to review and share my opinion about.

Since I'm leaving tomorrow (last minute blog post...maybe) to go on a mission, all of the clothes that I've purchased recently have been specifically for my mission.

So I've been looking for longer skirts and dresses and things that are versatile to be worn with multiple colors during multiple seasons.
So, I wasn't able to grab a picture in the dress, but it really makes me look good and I really love it! 
I picked out this little lovely number and decided to get it custom sized. It arrived and I was more than excited to see it! It is really cute! I love it! The best part though...is that it fits me because it was made exactly to my measurements!

Here's what I think is so great about the dress:
-It is exactly my size.
-I was able to get the length done longer so it fits missionary standard! I'm so excited to be taking it with me!
-It's really light and flows very nicely. I wore it this past Saturday to a wedding and it was hot outside and hot inside the venue! But I didn't feel like I was being smothered by my clothing. The fabric stayed nice and cool! I think that will definitely come in handy for my mission.
-I love the style of the dress! The buttons down the front, the capped ruffle sleeves, and the pattern are all perfect for me! It fits my style and my body all at the same time!
-It's just a really great dress! I love the way it looks, feels, and I definitely love the custom styling!

Usually I have to compromise when it comes to shopping. I end up choosing something I don't entirely love just because it fits my body. Or things don't seem to fit quite right even though I love the style.
But eShakti makes it so nice for me because I don't have to settle. I don't have to choose between fitting well and looking good. I love all the vintage inspired styles that they offer on their website. I love  anything vintage and retro!

So if you are looking for a great dress or any other customized piece of clothing, eShakti is the place to go! They have the most amazing and beautiful things! You are destined to find something that works perfectly for you! And that is definitely more than just peachy!

I received this dress from eShakti, but all opinions are mine.