Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The songs that are continuously playing on my ipod!

I'm somewhat addicted to music. Ok, more than somewhat. I am addicted to music. People who know me well, know that i can't make it through the day with my ipod. I wake up and listen to music. I go to school with my music. I do my homework while listening to music. I always have music on. I listen to music at night to help me fall asleep. Music is my life. These are my top favorite songs right now. They are what are helping me make it through these last few crazy, dramaful weeks. Yikes! Did i mention that i love music?

Here are the ones that contiuously make me happy:
Autummbound by: Rachel Diggs
Hero by: Kate Earl
Bang Bang Bang by: Christina Perri
Marry You by: Bruno Mars
A-Punk by: Vampire Weekend
Forget You by: Cee Lo Green
Open Happiness by: Brendon Urie and Cee Lo Green
Wake Up by: Arcade Fire
No Love by: Eminen feat. Lil Wayne
Who Dat Girl by: Flo Rida
What Part of Forever by: Cee Lo Green
Die Alone by: Ingrid Michaelson
Sky by: Joshua Radin and Ingrid Micaelson
Catch My Disease by: Ben Lee
Mouthwash by: Kate Nash
Give it Up by: The Format
All Over You by: The Spill Canvas
Ours by: The Bravery
My Love by: Sia
I'm in Here (piano/vocal version) by: Sia
Calling You by: Blue October
Eclipse (All Yours) by: Metric
Heavy in Your Arms by: Florence + The Machine
Dog Days are Over by: Florence + The Machine
Liar Liar by: NeverShoutNever
Be Strong With Me by: Jenny Phillips
Marchin On by: OneRepublic
Lovesick by: Priscilla Renea
Mean by: Taylor Swift
Better Than Revenge by: Taylor Swift
Speak Now by: Taylor Swift
The House That Built Me by: Miranda Lambert
The Best Days of Your Life by: Kellie Pickler
They Try by: Rascal Flatts

They are indeed More Than Just Peachy! Here's Christina Perri....also known as the girl who sings Jar of Hearts...but i love this song also!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nothing to Regret

My great grandma turned 100 in December. 100! Woo! That woman is amazing! But she's also lived life to the fullest. She had three sons and they had a bunch of sons. Although she isn't a member of my faith, she was one of the most wonderful people i have ever met and will ever know. She served people for the majority of her life. She was an incredible person. I'm incredibly grateful for her and the influnence she has had in my life. I'm also grateful that she remembers my name and who i am. For 100, she's pretty sane. LOL! 100 years is a really long time. It doesn't compare to forever, but it is a long time. Most americans don't make is to 100 and they don't make it to 100 with physical health like my great grandma Norma has. Life moves very quickly. I count down the days til i go to preference, I count down the days til rugby starts, and I count down the days til I turn eighteen. But in reality, those days that i wait forever for, come and go in the blink of an eye. They come and then they are gone. It's hard to say goodbye to the things that make me happy. It's hard to say goodbye to the things i love. It's hard to let go of regret. I don't want to look back and regret anything. I don't want to regret the days that i didn't take the time to say I love you to my family. I don't want to regret the friendships i let go to waste because i didn't take the time to make the effort to keep them alive. I don't want to regret the moments that i waited so long for. I want to enjoy them. So, it is with the fear of regret, that i move on, and do better. I will from this day, strive to make myself better in everything that i do. So that i don't regret the best moments of my life. I don't ever want to regret anything again. I want to know that i lived my life to the fullest and did the best that i could, just like my great grandma. Because if you regret everything for 100 years, then all you'll ever have is regret. I'm not here to regret my life, I'm here to live it. To me, that is absolutely More Than Just Peachy!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Thank goodness for bright pink nail polish that matches!"

I look ridiculous here...this was probably like forty minutes after surgery and i was so out of it...no big deal.
 I resent my job. I resent my job for a lot of things. I like my job but there are a lot of things that make it hard. One of the things I resent my job for is how it has affected my feet and my knees. I'm praying that my knees will be okay for rugby season which starts up in a month. :) After working retail over the holidays, I vowed not to ever do that again. Seriously.....I worked 55 hours in two weeks! Yikes! My body was desperately asking me for a break and it finally got one. Because of my job, I have developed bunions. Ya...gross. They are for old people! Lol! But then I found out that the bunions developed because the first metatarsal(aka big toe bone) and the fifth metatarsal(aka pinky toe bone) were going the complete opposite way than they are supposed to! Apparently my feet have always been like this. On New Year's Eve I had foot surgery to get my left foot fixed. The right will be done after rugby season! It was an overall positive experience. I'm alive, I have a couple of screws and a wire in my foot, and I have a bright pink cast covering my foot and leg. I also got a handicapped parking pass! Woo! Parking at school is splendid now. :) I'm recovering still and so I'm always tired which has made it hard to get homework done. Lol! But I'm looking forward to getting this cast off so I can get ready for rugby season. My mom also had foot surgery the same day I did and we have partied it up! Ok....more like she has(the drugs affected her way more than me)! But thank goodness for nail polish that matches my cast because my toes look awesome now...well the three of them that you can see out of the cast! :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolutions

It's a new year and it's a new chance to change a few things and do better. So i've come up with a few goals for myself this new year. I need to stop slacking off and start being better at being myself.

1. Be a better athlete! I want to be a better teammate, player, and i want to work harder. I'm determined to work very hard to be in better shape for the upcoming rugby season. I want to be the best that I can be and I want to win. I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

2. Be healthier. This one has a lot to do with the first one. In order to be a better athlete i need to be in better shape. That starts with my diet and how well I'm taking care of myself. I want to live a healthier lifestyle so i can feel better and do better in rugby. This includes very low amounts of sugar and no more caffeine or carbonation. I'm not addicted to caffeine but I am to carbonation. I have a habit of picking up a cherry lime-aid from Sonic on days that i work. It tastes good but it's definitely not good for me.

3. Be a better student. I need to be ready for college and it's time to stop slacking off. I want to make sure i am remebering everything that i'm learning from my classes. Somedays i feel like it all goes in one ear and then out the other. haha!

4. Be more organized. My life is crazy. I'm busy working, dealing with school, and getting ready for college. I want to be more organized so that my life will be a little bit more in order and not so crazy.

5. Be a better blogger. I have slacked off with this blog for a long time. I've noticed that this is a stress releiver for me. I love blogging because i can write about whatever i want. For the new year i'm going to try to blog at least once a week. This blogging thing has helped keep me sane. Hehe! I love it! It will be good if i'm posting once a week, i won't be so crazed, if i do keep posting. ha!

6. Be more spiritual. I am LDS and there are just some things that i'm really bad at doing everyday. This year is going to be the year where i will work hard and really prepare myself spiritually for life on my own. I'm very excited to get my personal progress finished. I have been working hard on that for the past few months and i need to be finished by the time i'm eighteen. I have a long way to go to finish that on time. But I am confident i can accomplish that goal. I love personal progress and the difference it has made in my life. It has helped me become closer to my Father in Heaven and i'm so grateful for that. I'm so grateful for the blessings of the gospel in my life. I can't imagine where i would be without it. So this year I want to continue to build my testimony.

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I know i did. I spent the majority of it working but then i had foot surgery on New Years Eve. These past few days of relaxing and rest have been amazing. My family has been so good to me. They have waited on me hand and foot and have made me so comfortable while i've been inmobile. I'm grateful for my family. They are amazing! I hope that if you set new years resolutions also that you'll be able to acheive them. I hope i can acheive my goals also, i'm determined to do so. Now it's back to reality, school starts tommorow. Yikes! :)