Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The songs that are continuously playing on my ipod!

I'm somewhat addicted to music. Ok, more than somewhat. I am addicted to music. People who know me well, know that i can't make it through the day with my ipod. I wake up and listen to music. I go to school with my music. I do my homework while listening to music. I always have music on. I listen to music at night to help me fall asleep. Music is my life. These are my top favorite songs right now. They are what are helping me make it through these last few crazy, dramaful weeks. Yikes! Did i mention that i love music?

Here are the ones that contiuously make me happy:
Autummbound by: Rachel Diggs
Hero by: Kate Earl
Bang Bang Bang by: Christina Perri
Marry You by: Bruno Mars
A-Punk by: Vampire Weekend
Forget You by: Cee Lo Green
Open Happiness by: Brendon Urie and Cee Lo Green
Wake Up by: Arcade Fire
No Love by: Eminen feat. Lil Wayne
Who Dat Girl by: Flo Rida
What Part of Forever by: Cee Lo Green
Die Alone by: Ingrid Michaelson
Sky by: Joshua Radin and Ingrid Micaelson
Catch My Disease by: Ben Lee
Mouthwash by: Kate Nash
Give it Up by: The Format
All Over You by: The Spill Canvas
Ours by: The Bravery
My Love by: Sia
I'm in Here (piano/vocal version) by: Sia
Calling You by: Blue October
Eclipse (All Yours) by: Metric
Heavy in Your Arms by: Florence + The Machine
Dog Days are Over by: Florence + The Machine
Liar Liar by: NeverShoutNever
Be Strong With Me by: Jenny Phillips
Marchin On by: OneRepublic
Lovesick by: Priscilla Renea
Mean by: Taylor Swift
Better Than Revenge by: Taylor Swift
Speak Now by: Taylor Swift
The House That Built Me by: Miranda Lambert
The Best Days of Your Life by: Kellie Pickler
They Try by: Rascal Flatts

They are indeed More Than Just Peachy! Here's Christina Perri....also known as the girl who sings Jar of Hearts...but i love this song also!


  1. So sad that Eminem and Lil Wayne made this list!! But Artem would be proud.

  2. I know I'm not really into the whole rap genre most days but their song on the list just speaks to me! :) haha Jk Jk I just like that song a lot! The format made the list so I think you should be proud too! But I think you would live Sky! Joshua Radin and Ingrid Micaelson are musical geniuses together!