Thursday, October 28, 2010

Merci Beaucoup!

Saides 2010. My date & I up front. My close friend and date in back.
If I had one day to myself, one entire day, I would just sit. Yes, i realize i sound very lazy with that statement but seriously? I need a break. haha. If i'm not a school then i'm either working, doing homework, or playing rugby. Now, to add to that big mess, i have to fill out college applications and decide what to do with my life. The stress of trying to get into BYU alone is enough to cause a stomach ulcer for some people. Especially me. But out of all the crazy things happening in my life lately, i have many things to be very grateful for. There are many things i need to say thanks for. "Merci Beaucoup" means thank you very much in french! En francais as i would usually say. So i'm just going to say thanks for a few things and share with you how incredibly peachy they have made my life lately.

1. Parents. I'm so grateful for my parents. They always seem to know how to be there for me even if we disagree on a lot of things. Last week my mom drove me up to The Gateway to get my ipod fixed. Well not only did we get my ipod fixed, she took me shopping at my favorite places! She knew that the few hours that i spent there were exactly what i needed to get a chance to relax and feel super cute at school. I absolutely love the new coat she bought me at Hollister. It was perfect timing with that one too with the cold weather and everything. 

2. My Car. My car is so fun. I'm so grateful for it. If it wasn't for my car i would be walking to school, unable to work, and i would not be able to have as much freedom and independence as i do. Although, i have complained about the interior of my car, i absolutely love it. In fact i'm quite sad that i will be saying goodbye to it within a few years. It already has quite a few miles on it. It also has a new crack in the windsheild thanks to my own stupidity. I forgot that the cold made rock chips worse. Yeah....i'm really upset about that. Now, not only do i have to pay for my own gas, i have to pay to replace the windsheild of my car. But in reality, i do not have to pay insurance. I'm so grateful for it. :) It's so fun and has led to many peachy moments with my friends!

3. My Friends. Where would i be without my friends? I am so blessed to call many many people my close friends. I can trust them all so much and know they would do anything to help me out. They are amazing. I have missed hanging out with them alot since i started working and the few times we do get to hang out they are so great to work around my schedule. A couple of weeks ago i went to Park City with my friend AF, then last weekend i went and watched a scary movie with my friends, and this weekend i'm assuming we'll be doing something crazy. haha. I love it! There is always a peachy moment if i'm with a friend. :)

I'm so excited for life to chill out as soon as i finish college applications and get a scholarship. :) I'm so grateful for so many things in my life. I'm so grateful for everything. If i hadn't taken the time to talk about these things i don't think i would have realized how grateful i am for them. It's moments like these when we take time to say "Merci Beaucoup" that we realize how great we've got it. That is a real peachy moment there. xoxo

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Top Twenty 11-15

11. Inception. Leonardo and Ellen Page! Ooo ya! It doens't get better than that! The amazing cast combined with the awesome story line and ridiculous ending are what make this movie incredible!

12. Rataoullie. France and food. Enough said.

13. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. It's a western musical romance all in one! How could you not love this movie? Cute cowboys, awesome music, and awesome outfits. I admit i wouldn't have a problem wearing one of the dresses the girls wear in this one!

14. A League of Their Own. This one is so funny! It's about the All-American Girls Baseball League during WW11 of WW1. I'm not sure exactly. But that league although it was not around very long basically led to the creation of softball, because women wanted to play baseball, but they couldn't. My old softball coach made us watch this for an assignment once and it is hysterically funny. This movie reminds me of when i played softball and how close my team was.

15. Forever Strong. This is another new favorite of mine. I didn't understand this movie very well until after i started playing rugby. It wasn't until after i understood the determination and strength it takes to play rugby. It also captures the spirit of rugby very well. The spirit of brotherhood that is on every team. The spirit of sisterhood that is on my team. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So....pretty much i stink at this blogging thing. hahaha. oops. :) But seriously, life has been crazy lately. It's insane. I'm busy working and going to school and then i'm busy playing rugby! :) RUGBY! :) oh yes! I just got chills when i said that. More like adrenaline just ran through my veins. WOO! We're playing on saturday and i'm scared out of my mind because we don't even have a full team right now. I'm the only prop. In normal english, that means that I just smash heads with a bunch of girls, in the scrum. But i love it! I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Besides rugby, i've been just bouncing around trying to survive. One thing in my life lately that has been more than just peachy has been music. I love music. I live for music. I listen to it non-stop. It is always on. Here are just a few songs that i love:
  1. Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood. I love this song. It's really sad but it is amazing. Look it up. haha. :) My friend recently lost her little sister and it has been really hard for everyone. I was leaving the funeral and i turned on the radio to hear this song playing. It was really fitting but really sad at the same time. It really helped me to remember that this is our temporay home and there are greater and more amazing things for us on the other side.
  2. Just a Dream by Nelly. This song is really cute. I really like it. It's not so rappy but it's not so pop-ish either. It's a good song.
  3. Liar Liar by Never Shout Never. This song is filled with awesome guitar chords and strumming. I love the sounds of alternative rock songs with an acoustic guitar.
These are just a few. But i love music! :) If it wasn't for music i wouldn't make it through the day if it wasn't for music. :) Wow..this is one random post. One random peachy post. Also, maybe if i was good with this blog layout stuff i would be able to add the video to temporary home, but i failed and can't figure it out.