Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rascal Flatts

I love Rascal Flatts! They fix everything. Every heartbreak, bad day, or just whenever i feel down. They make me happy. I don't go anywhere without Rascal loaded on my ipods. They have this insatiable affect on me. I can't resist them. Hahaha. When i was in ninth grade they came to SLC and that was the only thing i really wanted for my birthday. So we went, as a family, and that was my birthday present. We had terrible seats. They were definately in the nosebleed section of Energy Soulutions Arena, but it was definately worth it. I would so pay eightie bucks again for a show like theirs. It was incredible. I still remember it. Flashy lights, shoots of fire occasionally, and good music and stage setups. They're awesome. I still get excited when i hear them. When one of their songs shows up in the shuffle of my ipod. I freak. Listening to Rascal Flatts is identical to that feeling i get when i eat a snowcone. It's pure bliss. They really know how to pin point my emotions. I would consider them song writing genuises of modern day country. I love them! They make me so happy. I really love the song, Stand. I like the music video above.

"You get mad, you get strong
wipe your hands, shake it off
then you stand, then you stand"

They give me constant encouragement. To keep going. To get back up, stay strong, and stand. Stand for what i beleive in, what i want, and to fight for myself. If you don't already love Rascal Flatts, listen to them. You will fall in love with them. You will connect to their emotions and they will inspire you. I don't know anyone who doens't love them. Because in reality, Rascal Flatts is way more than Just Peachy!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

United Rugby

Rugby is:
  • The only sport where you can tackle someone at any moment and any way as long as it is from the shoulders and down.
  • The only sport where you don't stop after a tackle or after someone gets hurt. You are always moving and the plays go on and on. 
  • The only full contact sport for girls!
  • "So it's like soccer and football?" "No, it's like RUGBY!" -Rick Penning in Forever Strong
  • The only sport i've ever played where before the games you kneel under the goal posts and pray as a team.
  • The only sport i've played where your teamates are your sisters.
  • The one thing i'm constantly thinking about.
RUGBY! RUGBY! RUGBY! It's the greatest sport ever. It's incredible. I can't figure out a cute way to explain how much i love rugby. All i can say is that rugby filled a void in my life. One that i was feeling from deciding to give up softball. Softball didn't make me happy anymore. I had lost the passion that was once there. I think after i played high school softball, i just couldn't handle the pressure anymore. Pressure to succeed and to get be a perfect athlete. I was never going to get there in softball. There was just too many things i couldn't fix. But then there was rugby. My friend, The Canadian, mentioned it. I was like what? Rugby? I want to play! We went to an informative meeting and then after that one meeting and one practice I was sold! Everything about rugby fell in place. There have been times when i think my dad has been more excited about it than i have. He went and bought cleats without me, and then when they didn't fit, he drove back down to the store and got more. He payed for everything without complaint. He was so supportive. He gave me pep talks before every game and lectures on how i could improve after every game. He's awesome. In alot of ways i feel like i've always been my dad's son. I'm so athletic, more than any of my sisters, and it was so long before there was a boy in my family. I was the tom-boy growing up. It's one of the reasons why i fell like my dad loves supporting me. I was the closest thing he had to a boy for a long time. I'm so grateful for him and how supportive he's been throughout all the years. I absolutely loved playing rugby. It's an awesome feeling. It feels awesome to run towards someone and be able to just take them out, because you can. Rugby is my outlet. It helps get out the aggression. While i still need to be more aggressive and there are so many things that i can still work on in rugby, nothing makes me more happy than playing rugby. Girls rugby is still really small in Utah. There are only two high school teams right now. It was us, United, and Lowland. We played them all the time. Although we weren't the ones who won most of the time, it was fun to be able to play and learn. We didn't make it to nationals, but we'll be there next year. All i want to do is play rugby and play hard. I'll do whatever it takes to get there. Rugby is what i think about all the time. It makes me so happy.

Last night was the High School National Championship for Rugby, for boys. It came down to Highland and United. The United boys are an incredible team. They are so much fun to watch. They played an incredible game and killed. The final score was United 22 to Highland 17. I was screaming the whole time. I was so happy that they won. This means big things for the club! WOOHOO! Go UNITED!  I couldn't be more proud of the club. I couldn't be more happy playing for any other club.

Rugby and United Rugby is way more than just peachy. Kia Kaha!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dead Poets Society and Other Things

These past few days have been crazy. There are so many events to cover, all of them were more than just peachy! :)

1) I got accepted to Utah Business Week! YAY! I'm so happy! I'm going to be rooming with my bestie and it's going to be one of the best weeks of my summer. It will be like EFY all over again except it won't be 112 degrees outside. It will also give me a chance to get back at my bestie for how she makes fun of me when i "peed" my pants at efy. I did not pee my pants. My water bottle broke in my purse and it all seeped through and landed on my lap. :) hahaha.

2) I donated blood for the first time on tuesday! It was so cool! I loved it! I am really excited to go do it again, i just have to wait weeks. I filled the bag really fast according to the blood tech. I also have a large vein in my left arm. The tech said it "was bigger than his". haha. I take that as a compliment. I don't care if that is a masculine remark. I felt very accomplished after i donated. My bestie was so nervous to donate but she donated anyways. I was so proud of her! She didn't faint or cry. She was so strong and such a great example to me. She showed me that we can all overcome our fears to help others. Love her to death! 

3) I've been working with my friend TL lately to get some shirts made for the Make-A-Wish club at LP for awhile and they were finished this week. I was so happy! They look awesome! He did an awesome job. Everyone loves them! The president was especially happy with them, and my work with Make-A-Wish has definately paid off. The president is talking to me about giving me a more prominent position next year! YAY!

4) I made National Honors Society. WOOHOO! I'm really excited to be a part of that club next year. It focuses on leadership, character, service, and scholarship. It's going to be alot of fun being a part of it for my senior year. I hope I have enough extra-cirriculars now BYU! haha.

5) The Dead Poets Society! This is such a good movie. I watched it last night with my bestie and TL. It was really good. There was so many things i loved about that movie. The actors were really good. O! Captain! My Captain! Robin Williams played him. He was so great. He really shines in that movie. There is constant poetry in that show. Thoreau, Whitman, and others. I loved it! It's about boys in a boarding school who are encourage by their teacher (Robin Williams) to think freely, they start this dead poets society and talk about poetry and do other things. It's so funny. It captures alot of teenage spirit that i love! There isn't a happy ending. I will tell you that now. So, if you hate sad endings don't watch the last twenty minutes, other than that it's a great show.

This is at the end. This is the part where the members of the DPS stood up for what they beleived in. It made the movie for me. If this wasn't in there then i would probably hate this movie, but i love it! :)

6) School is almost over. Things are coming to an end. I've been busy getting my grades up because i have been lazy all term, and while i feel like some things are getting easier, i feel like all of my last minute efforts aren't paying off. Today i made crepes for my french class to get some extra credit and that helped. I now have an A in that class. Whew! (That's my sigh of releif!)

Other than those things, nothing really good has been going on. One more day of school this week and then it's the weekend. I can't wait for the weekend. My piano recital is this weekend. AH! Yikes! We'll see how that goes. haha. Life is more than just peachy. There are so many things that are incredible in life. These are just a few, but there is always something that makes my life wonderful. I can list so many things that i am grateful right now. They all are more than just peachy!

p.s. I tie-dyed a shirt in chemistry today! I did something that no other person in my class did. I can't wait to see it. I'm so excited to wash out the dye and see how good it looks!

p.p.s. I think my most used phrases would be "I can't wait" and "I'm so excited". Sorry if you are getting annoyed of hearing me say those. I'm getting kinda annoyed of them. I will try to expound my vocabulary in future posts.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's and Cafe Rio

Today I went to the library. I was mainly going to return some other books. I did that and then i got distracted. Distracted in the cook book section. There were so many! Bread, pastas, deserts, crepes, salads, and everything else. It was very nice. I enjoyed it very much. I just sat and looked at the emmaculate collection for ahwile. Then i picked up three books that i wanted and moved on to the music department. I can't wait to cook out of those books. When i made it to the music section, i found the cd's. In the shows category. Yep, that's right, shows! I picked up fifteen cd's. All of them are soundtracks or musicals. :) that's happiness right there. After the library i went to cafe rio for some much needed fuel. CHICKEN SALAD with pinto beans. It was so good. I felt bad for my puppy Snickers who kept trying to eat it, so i let him lick the plate when i was finished. Even dogs like Cafe Rio. I don't know what makes me feel better than Cafe Rio, and today was one of those days when i really needed it. Now i have the strength to go study for my math final, prepare for my choir concert, and memorize my french presentation. I was listening to the Breakfast at Tiffany's soundtrack and it made me calm and relaxed. I loved it. I will most definately be using it as my new study cd. School is really stressful but it's almost over. WOOHOO! I'm just trying to pull through and make it through these next few days. Tomorow i'm giving blood for the first time. YIKES! But i can't wait even though i'm really nervous. Hopefully my bestie with be able to go give blood at the same time as me so i'll be okay. She got into to Utah Business Week already and i haven't even finished my application. So that's what i'm going to do now. I'm so excited for sumnmer. I'm going to Cali right after school gets out and hopefully i'll have a job. I dropped off applications and resumes everywhere but nothing has come up yet. I talked to the people at Zupas and they said they would call me for an interview soon. WOO! That shows some possibility of a job. I just have to make it through this week and then things will be much better.
 I'm now filling out my UBW application, listenting to Breakfast at Tiffany's, on a stomach full of Cafe Rio. These things are more that just peachy! That's for sure!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Geranium and The FFA

This is me, having my new position given to me.
The FFA a.k.a. Future Farmers of America is the name of the club and crazy is what i was called when i joined it. I joined because i wanted to go to the state fair. That was the only reason why i joined. I had never been and i really wanted to go, once i got there i was really bored and all it was smelly animals and exspensive junk food. But three things came out of that trip. Number 1: I got a really cute knock-off bag that i get compliments on all the time there. It's really cute. I won't explain what it looks like because then you will all know it's a fake. hahaha Number 2: I sampled some of the local fare a.k.a. FOOD! I got this incredible freshly squeezed lemonade in a cute collectable cup. ooo! I love it! It was incredible. I also shared a plate of Chilli Cheese Fries with my friend, N.R.( The name is abbreviated for obvious reasons). Anyways, the fries were great. I loved them. Chilli cheese fries are my favorite junk food indulgence. I never eat them because i'm afraid of having a heart attack, but they are awesome! Number 3: I realized that i wanted to become more involved in the FFA. A few months later i was traveling to Logan to compete in the state FFA competiton in the floral division. It was so much fun and we placed in the Silver division! Wooho! A month after we went to Logan, i applied to be an FFA officer for next year. Today, i was awarded the position of HISTORIAN! WOOO! I'm seriously so excited! I can't wait. Next year at state we will be taking gold for sure! haha.

The Geranium is one of my favorite flowers. I love it. I bought one recently at a greenhouse sale from my school and it has brought me happiness ever since. I planted it in a cute pot yesterday, that was an experience, and i must say that i love it. It's a little crooked but it's so cute. I will most definately be brushing up on my planting skills soon. haha.

My bag, the food, the ffa, and my geranium are all definately more than just peachy!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today it rained, alot. I woke up and it was cold and wet and i loved it! It was so great. The smell was enough to make me happy and then when i was walking back to school from seminary it was pouring. The friends and me ran through it trying not to get soaked, but i secretly wished that i could stay out there and jump, splash, and dance all over the place. I loved it. When i was walking home from school, i walked through the puddles that were still there, even though i was in flip flops. I don't know what it is about the rain, but it gets me everytime. Rainy days are great. It has totally been a lazy rainy day. I came home from school and didn't feel good, so i curled up in my favorite grandmother quilt and then i took a nap. It was nice and i feel somewhat better now. The best part of the whole nap, was that my lazy dog, curled up with me under the balnket. It was incredibly cute. It was definately more than just peachy. Back to the rain, it always reminds me of The Notebook. The part where Allie and Noah kiss in the rain! Ah! I love that part it's so freaking romantic. It's so cute. I love The Notebook. It's on my top ten favorite movies for sure. It's so cute, the music is great, and it's full of cute vintage outfits and cars. Love it! I'm playing the theme song from The Notebook in my upcoming piano recital. I love that piece. It's great. It's definately definately more than just peachy!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Girls With Glasses

These are the girls with glasses. Brooke White and Summer Bellessa. This is by far the cutest thing i've seen in awhile. I almost died when i saw Summer dress up like Audrey Hepburn. Loved it! There isn't a single outfit i do not love in this video. It's incredible. If i only i could get my hands on one of those outfits. It would be pure bliss. :) There is so much vintage in there it's amazing. It's gorgeous, beautiful, and jolie ( that's pretty in french)! I love it, I love it, I love it! Words cannot describe how cute i think it is. Vintage to me is the new modern. There is something about the old vintage style that i find so attractive. It's like Audrey Hepburn in Paris that is how great it is! Lately i've been doing alot of online shopping, minus the purchasing part. One of my favorite sites is modcloth.com, it's modern vintage but way more vintage. It's so cute. If i were to choose a favorite item it would be The Social Event of the Year dress! It's so cute! It's definately 80's inspired and it would never look good on me, but i can hope right? It's pictured below.

These are just two little things that i love that are more than just peachy!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Random title?

Today i'm very bored. So i decided to try out this blogging thing everyone is doing these days. I love writing and somehow words flow more freely in this blog than when i'm writing seven page research papers for school. How ironic?

I have always loved the phrase Just Peachy! Urban Dictionary thought it was used as a sarcastic way to say things are ok. But I don't know why they would say ok. I love peaches! They are more than ok! They are more than just peachy! Things are more than Just Peachy! So that's where the title came from. It may be a little random to you, but i love it. I think it's cute. Because in reality, things are more than just peachy. They are great!

That's hopefully going to be the center of my blog. My life and how things are more than just peachy.

p.s. I'm still getting the hang of this thing, we'll see how it goes.