Friday, May 18, 2012

Blast from the Past: Prom 2011

 I only graduated from high school a year ago. I went to seven school dances throughout high school. Three formals, four non-formal. Six were girls choice, meaning that I asked my date. One of them was PROM. I went to prom once. But it was still one of the funnest nights ever. Not to mention, I went to prom with my boyfriend and soon to be missionary (he gets his call in less than a week). So I like the fact that the one prom I did go to, was with Brady.
In Utah, the way you ask people out to dances is kinda crazy. You don't call them and ask. You don't ask them in person. You have to like leave them something with your name hidden in it, so then you have to figure out who asked you, and then you have to answer them back in a crazy way. So here's the story of how I was asked to prom: It was March 29, 2011. It was a Tuesday night, I remember this day because it also just happens to be our anniversary. See Brady was a little sneak. We ended up hanging out at a stake combined mutual that night. We had been dating since January but hadn't really talked about what we were. We weren't boyfriend/girlfriend yet, but we were more than friends. Everyone assumed that we were boyfriend/girlfriend.    But I wasn't sure. haha. So after the mutual activity ended, he asked me if I wanted to hang out with him. Of course I did! So we decided to go for a ride. We just talked for a long time. It was so great. Then he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was so happy! It was then official. From that day on, I would date Brady and Brady only. He dropped me back off at my car and we said goodnight (he kissed me on the forehead! AHH! I died! It was a total Mr. Darcy move!). Then I drove home and went downstairs in my room to find a bunch of stuff! There was a huge poster, a basket of candy, and balloons! So the poster read: "Out of all the girls in the state, you are the one I want to be my date. Maybe someday, Paris, France, but for I'll just take you to the dance! -Brady" Taped to the poster was a little Eiffel tower necklace! It's beautiful! Brady always picks out the best jewelry for me. I love it! I was blown away. Not only did he ask me to be his girlfriend, but he also asked me out to prom and I wasn't even expecting it. It was so great. So the next day i decided to answer him back just to make it easy. I played rugby for the United rugby club that year, and I really wanted him to have a hat of theirs. So I got a hat and said "You like Utah and i like BYU, so let's settle our differences and be UNITED for a night because I'd love to go to prom with you!" It was simple and cheesy, but that's kinda my style, that's pretty much Brady and mine own style. I love it that way. 

This is the group. I don't know why we are posing so weird. I still don't understand what i'm doing. lol! 
Then there was the actual prom: In Utah, you have day dates and then the actual prom. Our day date was on Friday night before prom and I had a rugby game that day. I also was sick. haha! I donated blood three days earlier and had a terrible reaction to it. It was so bad, I almost passed out in front of my entire sports medicine class on a field trip. So in-between plays (which are few, because rugby doesn't stop much) I was trying not to trow up or pass out. Brady cheered for me the whole time. :) Gotta love that boy! Then we went out to dinner, went bowling, and then watched a movie at his house. Then came Saturday. The actual prom date. haha! This is a long story. My mom literally finished making my dress like three hours before it was time to go. I was so stressed it wouldn't get finished. But she did it, and it looked great! I loved it! We rode in a BMW (our favorite car) that night and had a blast. We got picked up, then we drove to another person's house where we had a private concert and catered dinner. Allred did the concert and it was amazing! It was a great show. We had Tucanos for dinner too! Talk about amazing! I was blown away. Then we drove up to the capital in Salt Lake City and had the dance. We danced, laughed, and had a good time. My favorite thing about going to dances with Brady is that he's as crazy of a dancer as me and he knows how to have fun! The night was great...until Brady got sick. We suspect food poisoning. :( But it really was a great night and i'm so glad that I got to go with Brady. He was a true prince and treated me like a princess. We still talk about how much fun we had that night. Goodnight kiss on the doorstep was a perfect way to end my prom experience. It seems like a totally cliche story...but it was absolutely perfect in my mind. I wouldn't have had it any other way. My high school dance experiences were all pretty much positive ones, but realistically the ones I went to with Brady were perfect. They were more than just peachy moments, and they were the start of something new and completely much more than just peachy. <3 
Did I mention we got a private tour of the House of Representatives room at the capital thanks to a parent of someone in our group? SO COOL! This is our favorite shot. Brady is a hoot! 
Just for fun: Here's a picture of our first date! It was the girls choice formal and I had asked  Brady out! haha!  All I can say is I'm glad I learned a few things about make-up in the time between our first date and prom, and i'm also glad that you cannot see my neon pink cast covering my leg. I had foot surgery and was stuck in a cast for Preference. haha! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

While the boy is away....the girl will play!

My boy is currently on a cruise and will be gone for the next seven days. SEVEN DAYS! I don't know what to do with myself. I basically plan everything around Brady, so planning things without him is so weird. I have a list of things i want do while he is on a mission like go to Europe, work at a ski resort, and get a good chunk of school done. But being out of school for awhile, and having seven days is not something I was really prepared for. haha! So here's to a week of productivity. I have a few ideas of what to do this week. Things like:
1) Go to Lagoon and ride some roller coasters. Because there is nothing better than feeling like you are going to fall out and to have someone holding onto you.
2) Get an amazing tan. Because there is no such thing as too much tanning!
3) Take professional portraits. Because you just haven't taken a great photo unless you've included a cat in the picture.
hahaha! I'm just kidding. I'm not going to do any of these this next week. Although I may spend some time in the sun. They are opening the pool at my apartment complex this week. I'm quite excited about that. Not being in school is so nice. But sometimes i feel a little like i'm a little lazy because i'm not doing homework when everyone else in my apartment is. haha! I just work all day and then party all night. So for serious this time, hopefully i can do a few fun things this week while Brady is away like:
1) Hang out with some girlfriends I haven't seen in forever because we've all been away at different colleges.
2) Organize my apartment. I've been a little messy  lately and I need to get everything in order. Time to get rid of the massive pile in my closet.
3) Catch up on a few shows, see a movie, and finish a book. Smash, Glee, and Once Upon a Time. Maybe even see The Lucky One again. I really liked that movie. And hopefully i'll finish To Kill a Mockingbird. I love this book. I read it years ago, but now that i'm reading again, i'm picking up on so much more and I absolutely love it.
4) Basically just party. Just do something every night. haha! I don't want to sit around and do nothing. I plan to be busy. Although i will be working like forty hours this week so it'll really be a great week.
5) Think about things. One thing that i've realized I never got to do during the school year was really think. Think about my life and what I really want to do with it. I've really enjoyed not having school to fog up my mind lately, so i'm hoping that this week will be one in which i can think about things and try to figure out things. I've missed knowing exactly what I want. I want to feel like I know exactly what I want again.
But most of all, i'm just going to make sure that every moment this week is more than just peachy. It's going to be a proactive week for me, and that is exactly what i need.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shake It Out!

Glee never fails to amaze me. They can take a great song and make it incredibly beautiful. I love this one they recently did. It's such a great rendition and they make it so easy to listen to the lyrics with the acoustics harmonies. I love it! It's always darkest before the dawn, so just hold on a little longer because the sunshine is right around the corner.