Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today it rained, alot. I woke up and it was cold and wet and i loved it! It was so great. The smell was enough to make me happy and then when i was walking back to school from seminary it was pouring. The friends and me ran through it trying not to get soaked, but i secretly wished that i could stay out there and jump, splash, and dance all over the place. I loved it. When i was walking home from school, i walked through the puddles that were still there, even though i was in flip flops. I don't know what it is about the rain, but it gets me everytime. Rainy days are great. It has totally been a lazy rainy day. I came home from school and didn't feel good, so i curled up in my favorite grandmother quilt and then i took a nap. It was nice and i feel somewhat better now. The best part of the whole nap, was that my lazy dog, curled up with me under the balnket. It was incredibly cute. It was definately more than just peachy. Back to the rain, it always reminds me of The Notebook. The part where Allie and Noah kiss in the rain! Ah! I love that part it's so freaking romantic. It's so cute. I love The Notebook. It's on my top ten favorite movies for sure. It's so cute, the music is great, and it's full of cute vintage outfits and cars. Love it! I'm playing the theme song from The Notebook in my upcoming piano recital. I love that piece. It's great. It's definately definately more than just peachy!

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