Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Geranium and The FFA

This is me, having my new position given to me.
The FFA a.k.a. Future Farmers of America is the name of the club and crazy is what i was called when i joined it. I joined because i wanted to go to the state fair. That was the only reason why i joined. I had never been and i really wanted to go, once i got there i was really bored and all it was smelly animals and exspensive junk food. But three things came out of that trip. Number 1: I got a really cute knock-off bag that i get compliments on all the time there. It's really cute. I won't explain what it looks like because then you will all know it's a fake. hahaha Number 2: I sampled some of the local fare a.k.a. FOOD! I got this incredible freshly squeezed lemonade in a cute collectable cup. ooo! I love it! It was incredible. I also shared a plate of Chilli Cheese Fries with my friend, N.R.( The name is abbreviated for obvious reasons). Anyways, the fries were great. I loved them. Chilli cheese fries are my favorite junk food indulgence. I never eat them because i'm afraid of having a heart attack, but they are awesome! Number 3: I realized that i wanted to become more involved in the FFA. A few months later i was traveling to Logan to compete in the state FFA competiton in the floral division. It was so much fun and we placed in the Silver division! Wooho! A month after we went to Logan, i applied to be an FFA officer for next year. Today, i was awarded the position of HISTORIAN! WOOO! I'm seriously so excited! I can't wait. Next year at state we will be taking gold for sure! haha.

The Geranium is one of my favorite flowers. I love it. I bought one recently at a greenhouse sale from my school and it has brought me happiness ever since. I planted it in a cute pot yesterday, that was an experience, and i must say that i love it. It's a little crooked but it's so cute. I will most definately be brushing up on my planting skills soon. haha.

My bag, the food, the ffa, and my geranium are all definately more than just peachy!


  1. Cute flower! and now you have 2!

  2. I'm excited you're in FFA! I'm in FCCLA (what people sometimes call "FFA for girls") and 4-H so I can totally relate!