Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rascal Flatts

I love Rascal Flatts! They fix everything. Every heartbreak, bad day, or just whenever i feel down. They make me happy. I don't go anywhere without Rascal loaded on my ipods. They have this insatiable affect on me. I can't resist them. Hahaha. When i was in ninth grade they came to SLC and that was the only thing i really wanted for my birthday. So we went, as a family, and that was my birthday present. We had terrible seats. They were definately in the nosebleed section of Energy Soulutions Arena, but it was definately worth it. I would so pay eightie bucks again for a show like theirs. It was incredible. I still remember it. Flashy lights, shoots of fire occasionally, and good music and stage setups. They're awesome. I still get excited when i hear them. When one of their songs shows up in the shuffle of my ipod. I freak. Listening to Rascal Flatts is identical to that feeling i get when i eat a snowcone. It's pure bliss. They really know how to pin point my emotions. I would consider them song writing genuises of modern day country. I love them! They make me so happy. I really love the song, Stand. I like the music video above.

"You get mad, you get strong
wipe your hands, shake it off
then you stand, then you stand"

They give me constant encouragement. To keep going. To get back up, stay strong, and stand. Stand for what i beleive in, what i want, and to fight for myself. If you don't already love Rascal Flatts, listen to them. You will fall in love with them. You will connect to their emotions and they will inspire you. I don't know anyone who doens't love them. Because in reality, Rascal Flatts is way more than Just Peachy!

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