Thursday, July 15, 2010

Writer's Block

So i have had the worst writers block ever lately! For some reason i'm not getting inspiration to write at all! It's killing me! I think it's because i feel like there are so many incredibly cute blogs out there which i will never be able to compete with. They are so incredible! Some of my friends from school have the best blogs! I'm so jealous. LOL! But also i've come to the conclusion that i do not want this to be a blog where i just write and gab about my life. I would prefer that this be a blog filled with the "peachy" things in my life and not just about my daily doings! So anyways, i will have to start paying attention to the little details of things that make me happy. My latest little splurge which has brought me lots of happiness and it is so peachy it's like Peaches N' Cream was purchased last week. Yes, i will admit to the deed. The awful deed of being drug into buying a sweater at full price at HOLLISTER! Hollister is my favorite store. I absolutely love it! Nothing brings nostalgia of California like when i walk into a Hollister. I'm sold. And I totally smell the clothes when i try them on! I don't care what it is (well i will not buy the booty shorts), but i wil buy it, if it's from Hollister and on sale there. The problem with this sweater is that it was not on sale. But i bought it anyways because i love it so much! It is super peachy keen! It's like a peach without a pit! :) It's great. It was the sweater that has brought me back to my blog. That's how more than just peachy it is. It reminded me of the great things. Hopefully, there will be lost more moments like this. Super peachy goodness. Hopefully, i'll be back to the blog again. :) Oh, how i've missed this! The writer's block is gone!

I can't find a picture of this sweater anywhere. :( I will most definately be adding one of me when i wear it for the first time. AH! I can't wait!

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