Sunday, July 18, 2010

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

This movie is an incredible classic! I'll just list a few things about this movie:

1. It is a western musical romance! Three of a few of my favorite things mixed into one! Yes! That's how good it is!
2. Cute Cowboys! They fill the screen! Ah! Incredible! I have a soft spot for cowboys.
3. I like this movie more than i like buttered movie theater popcorn. Oh wow! That's huge. Because i enjoy nothing more than popcorn while watching a movie. Nothing rings teenage nostalgia like watching a movie with popcorn. Like watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with popcorn. (Speaking of teenage nostaliga: I saw Sixteen Candles the other day. It was terrible. I love everything eighties about it, but it was all about boys and partying and it was a waste of my time. You are not being deprived of anything if you haven't seen this movie.)
4. There is alot of imagining in this movie. Day-dreaming about girls, guys, june marriages, and spring time. But in reality, i feel like this movie is filled with the most realistic day-dreaming. It's cute! It's one of those movies that i'm hoping won't get my hopes up.

Anyways, there is lots more i could write about this movie, but i'm too tired to type anymore. I'm ready to go to sleep or even better watch this wonderful movie! I'm going to watch it right now. If you haven't seen this movie i suggest you do. You are being very deprived of amazingness if you haven't seen this movie. It's super peachy! It's one of those more than just peachy moments when you watch it with your best friends and a large bowl of popcorn. It's even better when you can sing along! :)

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  1. ALLI!!!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! it's definitely on my favorites list. in fact, i think i'll watch it today. :)