Saturday, July 24, 2010

What time is it?

9:10: Voicemail message "I really need you to show up. I can't do this on my own. I will send my chihuahas on you if you don't come!" -B. Redd
9:22: Arrive at destination. "We're late!" "At least we brought caramel popcorn!" -Bestie & I
9:30: Watch Alice in Wonderland. Take a break to run through the rainstorm. Eat lots of popcorn and junk!
10:00ish: "Wait did you shed tears?" -Carissa Sears
11ish: Write skit themed in Alice in Wonderland style with a bunch of girls and one guy.
11:30ish: And then there were four.Three girls and a guy.
Midnight: Let's watch Alice in Wonderland the new version.
2:00: Well what now? Let's watch another movie. Bandslam? I think so!
2:30: "Um, could you guys get any closer together?"
3:35: Time for bed! For reals!! Goodnight B and J! Now, let's get down to the nitty gritty! It's time for some girl talk!
4:45: No more giggling, no more laughing, no more joking, no more talking about our senior trip, and no more talking about cute boys. It's time for some beauty sleep. LOL!
9:00 am: "HELP, HELP, Somebody help me!!!!!" -B. Redd's ringtone that woke us up!

So this is basically the schedule of my life a couple of days ago. It was the greatest sleepover of my life! So much fun! My bestie was there and my super close friend K.W. was there and it was so much fun! We only got about four hours of sleep. My poor bestie was awake for 24 hours before we left her fall asleep. LOL! Now you might be asking what is so peachy about this sleepover, well i'm going to tell you that the things that make super peachy keen moments are the days like this. The days when you sit and laugh with your best friends. When you sing All-American Girl by Carrie Underwood at the top of your lungs while driving down the road with the windows down. When you stay up until 4:45 in the morning talking about everything you could imagine. These are the moments when i find myself happiest. It was the constant checking our phones to see what time it was that kept us awake. We were determined to make bestie stay awake for 24 hours. It was so much fun! Laughter is the best medicine, but laughter also creates the best moments in life. The more than just peachy moments are filled with laughter. I hope you all can have one of these nights like i did. Already it has been one of the greatest nights of my life. I will remember it forever. Hopefully you can create a super peachy keen moment like i did this past week.

This was at two before j went to bed. LOL! We are really bad at taking pictures that late!
3:45 a.m. yikes!
This was at ten. K.W. and I before it got crazy. LOL!

uhhhh.....could you be any closer j & bestie??? 

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  1. goodness, these sure are ATTRACTIVE pictures..hahaha or not :). anyways, this was definitely a night i will remember for a very very long time. it was SO much fun!