Wednesday, August 4, 2010

J'adore Paris!

Is it the Eiffel tower or the Champs-elyssé that makes me swoon? Would it be the metro or the Luxembourge gardens? I don't know what it is but if it has anything to do with Paris, I love it! I listen to french music and I watch movies in French! I love French pastries and I love French parfumes! I have been thinking about France lately and for some reason I can't get enough of it.I have a huge oversized poster in my bedroom. It is a photo that overlooks the city and it catches all of the great views. I have bookends that are like the Eiffel tower and I also have a shirt with the tower on it. Paris captures the spirit of life! It captures everything amazing. "Paris holds the key to your heart!" -Anastasia. One day I will be one of those super glam girlies who sits on a bench, in a trenchcoat styled jacket (hopefully you all know what I'm talking about), and I will read a book. Possibly Emma or Eat,Pray,Love. I will sit with my gelato and think. I will adore the lights and I will do one of the things I wish to accomplish most in my life, speak French. Sounds insane and completely out of reach for some people but, all I want is to experience life, love, and to find happiness. I think I will be happy in France! Even if I don't live there, I will save all my pennies and be very poor so I can vacation there. Now what is so peachy about this?!? Well everything. I may not have experienced this yet, but all the time I have spent thinking, dreaming, and imagining about it has brought me lots of peachy moments. When I bought my Paris picture for my room, I had never been so happy spending money on a thing that probably cost a dollar to make and I pay sixteen for it. But anyways, continuing on with the spirit of finding the things that make you happy, I hope everyone can find their happy place. The place they dream about and the place they imagine themselves at. I know I have even though I hven't quite made it there, yet. XoXo

p.s. Sorry for any typos. I'm posting from my iPod. I don't want to go back and fix the mistakes because it's really hard to. Also I'm sad that you can't post pictures from an iPod. No happy Paris photos for you.:(


  1. yeah! I posted from my ipod! It took me forever. haha! Don't worry, i posted it during free time.