Sunday, October 17, 2010

Top Twenty 11-15

11. Inception. Leonardo and Ellen Page! Ooo ya! It doens't get better than that! The amazing cast combined with the awesome story line and ridiculous ending are what make this movie incredible!

12. Rataoullie. France and food. Enough said.

13. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. It's a western musical romance all in one! How could you not love this movie? Cute cowboys, awesome music, and awesome outfits. I admit i wouldn't have a problem wearing one of the dresses the girls wear in this one!

14. A League of Their Own. This one is so funny! It's about the All-American Girls Baseball League during WW11 of WW1. I'm not sure exactly. But that league although it was not around very long basically led to the creation of softball, because women wanted to play baseball, but they couldn't. My old softball coach made us watch this for an assignment once and it is hysterically funny. This movie reminds me of when i played softball and how close my team was.

15. Forever Strong. This is another new favorite of mine. I didn't understand this movie very well until after i started playing rugby. It wasn't until after i understood the determination and strength it takes to play rugby. It also captures the spirit of rugby very well. The spirit of brotherhood that is on every team. The spirit of sisterhood that is on my team. :)

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