Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Thank goodness for bright pink nail polish that matches!"

I look ridiculous here...this was probably like forty minutes after surgery and i was so out of big deal.
 I resent my job. I resent my job for a lot of things. I like my job but there are a lot of things that make it hard. One of the things I resent my job for is how it has affected my feet and my knees. I'm praying that my knees will be okay for rugby season which starts up in a month. :) After working retail over the holidays, I vowed not to ever do that again. Seriously.....I worked 55 hours in two weeks! Yikes! My body was desperately asking me for a break and it finally got one. Because of my job, I have developed bunions. Ya...gross. They are for old people! Lol! But then I found out that the bunions developed because the first metatarsal(aka big toe bone) and the fifth metatarsal(aka pinky toe bone) were going the complete opposite way than they are supposed to! Apparently my feet have always been like this. On New Year's Eve I had foot surgery to get my left foot fixed. The right will be done after rugby season! It was an overall positive experience. I'm alive, I have a couple of screws and a wire in my foot, and I have a bright pink cast covering my foot and leg. I also got a handicapped parking pass! Woo! Parking at school is splendid now. :) I'm recovering still and so I'm always tired which has made it hard to get homework done. Lol! But I'm looking forward to getting this cast off so I can get ready for rugby season. My mom also had foot surgery the same day I did and we have partied it up! Ok....more like she has(the drugs affected her way more than me)! But thank goodness for nail polish that matches my cast because my toes look awesome now...well the three of them that you can see out of the cast! :)

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