Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Few Things About Me

Here's a few little things about me. Some weird. Some crazy. Some normal. Either way, this is me. A

1) I'm a list maker. Always making lists and checking things off of them. 
2) I love music. Always listening.
3) I'm a semi-germ-a-phob. (Is that even a word?) I'm crazy about some things and cannot stand it. Other things don't bother me at all. 
4) I have naturally curly brown hair. This makes for amazing bed head. Waking up brings many laughs and frustrations. I'm not always sure what to do with my hair. 
5) I talk in my sleep. Most recently my ramblings have been "You guys can have my spa samples!" and "You guys are so mean!" both were said to my roommates late at night, and both of them I have no recollection of happening. 
6) I love buying movies. I'm always looking through the 5$ movie piles at stores. 
7) I'm a  piler. Laundry piles. Book and movie piles. Piles of paper. I consolidate piles and clean up then start again. 
8) I'm habitual in what I order off a menu. Once I find one thing I like at a restaurant, I cannot order something different, mainly out of fear of ordering something new and then hating it. 
9) I'm OCD. Things must be center, coordinate a certain way, and sometimes if things just don't look right, i'm just not happy.
10) I love watching the food network. I watch it all the time. That and wedding shows on TLC. And an occasional dose of reality TV.
11) I could eat BBQ for every meal.
12) I love blogging. But sometimes I get too lazy to actually post anything.
13) I love Brady! No one has ever made me as happy as he has. No one will ever be able to make me laugh as hard as he has.
14) I'm a klutz. I fall off my bed, slip on the floor, and fall on my face on a weekly least.
15) I love the outdoors. I spend my time dreaming about snowboarding, water-skiing, and visiting the beach. I crave sunshine all year round....which yes, leads to fake baking...but only in the winter. ha!
16) I'm one of those people who talks in a weird voice to my dog. Oh how I love that little fluff ball! I love dogs. See my pinterest and you'll understand more.
17) I'm scared of the unknown. Also have a few very irrational fears. Oh and I'm afraid of failing.
18) I'm a blog junkie. I love reading other people's stories and experiences. I read a few too many probably. But I love it.
19) I'm addicted to hashtags. #ridiculousiknow #yikes
20) I dream big and love even bigger.
21) I laugh very loudly...even at the littlest things. I love laughing. It just makes everything better...unless if you are the only one laughing at something. I learned how to laugh at my craziness from an early age.
22) I cannot eat certain things with a metal fork. Plastic silverware is the way to go. I know...weird.
23) I can talk incredibly fast when needed, it's just a matter of understanding at that point.
24) I'm outpsoken. I have to watch what I say around people, because sometimes my bluntness can be offensive.
25) I'm lucky i'm in love with my best friend.