Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Then and Now

Festival of Colors 2010 with my older sister Jess. So fun! 
I was a junior in high school.
Played rugby like crazy.
Had no idea what i wanted to do with my life.
Spent my days not worrying.
No future prospects of a boyfriend.
Had hair that was semi-long, until the summer cut arrived.
Pretty much wore a sweatshirt to school everyday.
Spent time with my older sister, and hoped I would join her at BYU soon.
Partied with my friends on the weekends.
Life was so simple then.
Festival of Colors 2012 with my little sister. She knows how to party. 

I am a finishing my freshman year at BYU.
Don't play rugby right now, but hope to soon.
I know exactly what I want to do with my life.
Have one amazing boyfriend, we've been together for 14 months.
Hair is getting longer, no intention of cutting it again.
Working on wearing more mature clothes to school. Sweatshirts don't cut it anymore.
Now I spend time with my little sister, she's crazy, and keeps me young.
Party with my roommates and boyfriend, when i'm not swamped with homework.
I worry about a lot of things, because now is the time to prepare for bigger things to come in my life.
Life is not as simple or carefree as it was back then. But that's okay.

Things change and that's okay. Things change and that's how life is. Everyday brings a new challenge, a new obstacle to overcome, and new things to learn. But that's what life is. Learning how to adapt to the changes life brings. I just need to remember smile and enjoy the experience as it happens. Because loving what you've got while you've got it is what makes life more than just peachy. Stop wishing for more and just be grateful for  what we have now. That's what is important in life.

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