Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Swinging into Summer

This past weekend was incredibly awesome. We finished finals a few days before and it was time to celebrate. So what do a group of BYU students do? We drive to Mona, and hit up the local lake and rope swing. Okay, this thing is crazy. You have to climb 20 feet up a tree and then swing off this little platform into the water. It was so great! I was a little scared at first. I've never been one who likes heights. But after making it to the top of the tree, and realizing there was no way down, I had no choice but to swing down and into the cold water. It was so worth it. Once you take the plunge, and just swing, all the fear goes away. I must admit, it felt good doing something that scared me, and it felt even better proving that I am not a wimp in front of my roommates, FHE brothers, and friends. Let's just say facing my fear of heights this past weekend, was the perfect way to swing into summer. I'm hoping i can have more moments like this over the summer, because swinging off that rope was definitely more than just peachy (even if I walked away with some killer rope burn and bruises).
Sitting in the tree, waiting to catch the rope to swing up. 
hehe. This is seriously so fun! 
Another swinging shot. My roommates are the best photographers ever! 
The group: Roommates, FHE Bros, and Friends from my ward. 

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