Monday, September 24, 2012

The Lucky One

I probably could watch this movie a million times over and over again. I love this movie so much. So much that I read the book before it came out in theaters (good story, but I like the movie better), so much that I went and saw the midnight premiere showing of it and managed to drink a very large soda and eat ridiculous amounts of crazy good popcorn (i'm a little crazy about movie theater popcorn), so much that I dragged my boyfriend to go see it with me after I had already seen it (he's a good boyfriend, he didn't even put up a fight), so much that I bought this movie the week it came out (and then proceeded to also download the ultraviolet version onto my computer so I can watch it at all times). I also have the majority of the soundtrack on my computer downloaded. I think i'm a little obsessed. But all in all, I just love The Lucky One. That is more than just peachy for now.

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