Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Birthday to Brady!

Since I am the best girlfriend in the world, here I am, a week late writing a happy birthday post to my man. For some reason, this week just hasn't been a good one for me blog-wise. I don't have the motivation to write stuff down after taking notes all day at school. But I really have some great stuff to share and will be posting some fun things within the next few days.

Happy Birthday Brady! Yes, your birthday was a week ago, exactly. But that's okay.

I can't believe it was our second year of doing birthday things together. Last year, we went to dinner with your family. But I was stuck in Provo, in a cast, and you had to come get me so that you could spend your birthday with me. This year, I was stuck in class. UNTIL 5. So you, once again waited on me, so that we could go up to Salt Lake with your family to go to Tucanos. I rushed to Cedar Hills from Provo, right after my class got out, and then we all went up to Salt Lake for dinner. Tucanos is the best place for birthday dinner. It's amazing. I love it. I'm going to miss going there with you. Especially because you took me there for the first time. It's not the same without you. We attempted to take a good picture, but ended up with many goofy ones. But that's okay. Because I'm starting to like the goofy ones more and more now.

Then we made our way into Hollister by accident. haha. :) Okay, not really by accident. Mainly because I wanted to go in there while we waited for your family. I love shopping a little too much. I probably shop a little too much. But I love shopping even more when you are with me. Not because I want you to buy me things, but because I value your opinion. I like it when you tell me things look good. Because, I dress for you, so i definitely like knowing what you like. But most of all, I love the sweater that you bought me Thursday night. Once again, you catered to me on your birthday! You are so sweet. It's absolutely perfect. And i'm going to wear it a lot. 

I know it isn't always easy. Sometimes things just don't work out. We both work. We both have insane schedules. We live 14.8 miles away from each other (soon to be 601 miles). But you have made it easy to be in a relationship. You let me be myself. You make it real for me. You love me, make me laugh, and inspire me to strive for greatness. You help me dream big, you help me see the good in everything, and you helped me write a future for myself. I'm grateful for this. Not only are the person who loves me for who I am, but you are also my best friend. The person I could tell anything to. The person I could come crying to. The person I could wait forever for. You are my person. It's just that simple. Thank you. Happy Birthday Brady! I love you! 

I don't remember how life was more than just peachy without you. You've made it more than just peachy. You've made my life a fairytale. 

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