Sunday, July 29, 2012

Little Things

I love weekends! Nothing beats a fun weekend! This past one was an eventful one for sure! Well..not too eventful. I would have to say that it was the little things that made my weekend so great. So here's to the little things that made this past weekend so great! 

1) Friday night date night with Brady! He spoiled me and took me out to Outback for some ridiculously great steak. Followed by Olympics opening ceremony watching and Sherlock Holmes watching. I really do love nights like that. We always have lots to talk and laugh about. 

2) Saturday was spent grocery shopping, pizza eating, and more Olympics watching.The best steal of the weekend was cheesecake and fresh raspberries from Sam's club. Oh how I love that store! Never walk in there on an empty stomach or else you'll come out with cheesecake, chips and salsa, and one massive block of cheese. 

3) Saturday night was spent with Brady. Oh how I love spending time with that boy! We made Frito Pie for dinner and then watched Monsters Inc. That's was Brady's choice. Of course there was lots of talking, laughing, and tickling mixed in with that movie watching. 

4) Sunday was spent church going, dinner making, and more Olympics watching. I really love those Olympics. I think my roommates were a little freaked out that I was glued to the t.v. waiting for the women's gymnastics to come on, but when they finally did come on, it was so great! Talk about great! Gymnastics + Cheesecake = One Happy Allie! 

5) Late Sunday night was spent laughing with my crazy roommates. You would think that six girls around the age of 21-18 would be able to handle themselves at night. Oh no! Craziness is always around when you mix six girls and one bathroom. So I was at the sink washing my face and getting ready for bed. And while I was doing so, my roommate comes over and pants me! I scream so loud that we all fall the ground laughing! Meanwhile, I've got soap all over my face and in my eyes and can't see. We all then proceeded to attempt to pants each other. No success led us to attacking Jess with a spray bottle of water as she tried to escape to her bedroom. We're nuts. I'm so sad they will all be moving out soon. 

6) As I'm sitting here writing this post, i'm watching You've Got Mail. This is seriously one of my favorite movies. I never get sick of it. I could watch it everyday. It makes me happy. 

Little things can add up to one great weekend. They surely did just that this weekend. I'm so glad I have great roommates, a great boyfriend, and great movies to make my weekend great and help me get ready for another work week. Here's to another week of More Than Just Peachy moments, because having a week like this past weekend is definitely something to be hoped for. 


  1. Confession: I've never been to Outback. I think I need to fix that asap. Also, cheesecake is my fav too! Just plain ol cheesecake, not the fancy oreo or other things, just PLAIN :)

    1. You so need to fix that! I love that place! It's a great spot for date night! I love plain cheesecake. But even better cheesecake and nutella! I almost died when I tried it last night! So good!