Friday, August 5, 2011

Words with Friends

Brady and I started playing this months ago when this app was popular. I don't know who still plays Words with Friends anymore, but we still do. Why? Because i have yet to win a game. Okay, i've won two games out of the at least 15 that we've played. When i did win, it was awesome! I celebrated the defeat for hours. But as for all the losses, I would get mad, but then i realize that Brady is playing really good words. I always tell Brady not to let me win. I don't like that. I hate a pity win. I love actually winning. So we're going to be playing Words with Friends for awhile because I have yet to figure out how to score high, but that's okay because i absolutely love playing this game. Because we can play this game back and forth on our phones (okay, Ipod for me since I'm not cool enough for a smart phone) and so we are always doing something together. We laugh a lot and crack jokes while chatting with each other. I love it because this game has led me to many more than just peachy moments! It's absolute peachy perfection! WOO!

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