Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Summer List

The Summer List:
  1. Go hiking! The Y and Stewart Falls are a must! 
  2. Watch Despicable Me with my boyfriend! That is one of my favorite movies and he has not seen it yet. That's almost a crime. 
  3. Go up to Silver Lake. I love this place! It's so much fun to go swimming there! It's beautiful! I'm curious to see if my Camry, Gus Gus, can make it up there with his new mud/snow tires my dad put on!
  4. Sleep out on the deck! This is a tradition among my sisters and friends! We have spent a lot of time out there.
  5.  Girls night! YES! I'm moving away, my friends are moving away, and we need one last party before we move.
  6. I really wanted to go backpacking this summer. I think it would be so much fun. So we'll see. If i could go on a short hike for even one night then i would be satisfied. 
  7. Ride the Sundance lift on a full moon night! :) I really want to do this one! It sounds like it would be so much fun! 
  8. Go to Sliding Rock.
  9. Go mountain biking, probably up at Sundance or up in AF canyon. It's so pretty up there!
I don't know how I'm going to fit all these in, but i know I've got to! I'm having another foot surgery in between summer and fall semesters so that takes up even more time. Not to mention i have to move out in that time too. Lamesauce. But I will somehow find a way to do all of this stuff. I love all of these! :) They are so more than just peachy so they obviously have got to get checked off the list!

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