Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Finds from YouTube

I've always liked Panic at The Disco! Their music not only is so good, but their music videos are really good too! They are very creative and always look so awesome! I once saw them live, it was incredible, i was on the front row too. So great! 
Julian Smith. My favorite funny movie making guy on youtube. This is my favorite movie of his. Brady and I always crack jokes about it because we aren't the best with keeping our eyes open while taking pictures. hehe. What are you stupid? Red eye flashes twice!
I like this song. I don't like the long hair on the guys, but it's a good song. Probably one of my new favorites since i can't stop playing it on my ipod, and I bought it on itunes without even realizing that it was already on my ipod. haha! 

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