Sunday, June 12, 2011

(1-12) Days of Summer

Summer has started! It's been so great so far! I start college on June 20th which is a total bummer, but it's all good because that has meant that i've spent the very small amount of summer that i actually have doing really fun things! It's been ridiculous! I love it!

(1) Wednesday, June 1st: We kicked things off by having a campfire at Kelsi's house. We played sardines, roasted marshmallows, and fought over a bridge! :)

(2) Thursday, June 2nd: GRADUATION!

(3) Friday, June 3rd: We went to the all night party after graduation. We left at 11:30 on Thursday and then we got home at 5:30 in the morning! It was so much fun! Mini-golf, pizza, rides, and movies. Boyfriend gave me a gorgeous graduation gift! It was a great morning!

(4) Saturday, June 4th: Played night games with friends. Fell down a weed hill and landed in a hole! haha!
(5) Sunday, June 5th: Caught up on lots of lost sleep from over the weekend!

(6) Monday, June 6th:  My boyfriend came back from Colorado so we caught up after not seeing each other all weekend! We watched The Bachelorette (not our choice, his family's) and Taken. We laughed, talked, and were happy to see each other.

(7) Tuesday, June 7th: Went to the pool with my brother and cousin and then the boyfriend and I hung out again because i was ridiculously bored! It was good getting to talk to him for a long time.

(8) Wednesday, June 8th: Got a job! WOOHOO! I got a job down at BYU! YAY! I'm very excited to start in two weeks! I celebrated by shopping at Hollister, going to Cafe Rio with Kelsi and Annie, and then
 watching SYTYCD with them and my boyfriend! Yes, he totally watched it just for me! It was so fun!

(9) Thursday, June 9th: Annie had shoulder surgery. We all got her treats and went and visited her. It was the four girls: Kelsi, Annie, Brooklyn, and me. And then there was the four boys: Taylor, Quincy, Jared, and my boyfriend Brady! :) We watched a very creepy movie called The Others.

(10) Friday, June 10th: I went to dinner with my parents and old family friends. Then Brady and I went to Orange Leaf later and hung out again. I guess you could say that Brady and I see each other alot, but we really don't. This week was a funky exception. It was really fun!

(11) Saturday, June 11th: Brady and I went on a double date with Brooklyn and Jared. We saw the new X-men movie and went to dinner. It was fun going out not only another couple, but two really close friends. It was great!

(12) Sunday, June 12th: Packing for our trip to Island Park. I'm very excited to go but also very sad that i am going to be spending my last week before school starts away from my friends.

There was not a day so far this summer when i was not doing something so fun! Every single day was filled with moments of laughter! I guess I should just call this the Summer of The Peachies. Because life is definitely more than just peachy!

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