Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top Twenty 6-10

And the list goes on.....bLaH, bLaH, bLah.

6. A Walk To Remember (Tear Jerker with this one!)

7. 27 Dresses. I love Katherine Heigl! This movie is so great!

8. Juno. Yes this movie can be inappropriate and crude. But the attitude of Juno MacGuff makes my day every time i watch it! It's hysterically funny!

9. Emma. Another Jane Austen done very well! I love it! I always fall asleep watching this on my ipod in bed.

10. Kate and Leopold. Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman = romantice movie bliss! :)

And yes, I realize that these are all chick flicks. So! I can't help it if all the good movies are chick flicks and depict things that will never actually happen in real life. That is what's so great about them. :)

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